Taylor Ann Green Shares ‘Disclaimer’ About Breakup From Shep Rose

Shep Rose Taylor Ann Green

Bravo Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green announced their split in July 2022 but fans have since speculated that there might still be something going on between the two after the “Southern Charm” stars were pictured together on different occasions.

However, Green took to her Instagram Story recently to confirm that she and Rose and very much broken up and asked fans to stop commenting on their split and sending her messages about Rose’s activity.

In a simple white text over a black background, Green said, “Disclaimer to everyone: Shep and I are broken up, we have kept a cordial relationship but would appreciate not hearing what my ex is up to while I’m still trying to heal. Thanks in advance.”

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Green & Shep Broke Up a Couple of Months Ago But Viewers Are Seeing Them Still Together on ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8 Airing Now

Taylor Ann Green's Instagram Story

InstagramTaylor Ann Green’s Instagram Story

Green and Rose broke up after two years together in July 2022, halfway through the airing of season 8 of “Southern Charm.” Since then, viewers have seen the two on-screen continue to discuss their struggles in the relationship, namely with some of Rose’s behaviors toward Green.

In the latest episode, Green discussed her relationship with Rose during a girls’ night out and shared that while she’d sometimes thought about ending the relationship, she felt that God was “pulling on her heart” to stay with Rose and support him.

On the other hand, Rose was confronted by Austen Kroll and Craig Conover at Patricia Altschul’s dinner with the men. Kroll and Conover found out that Rose’s Raya dating profile had been shared on gossip websites and warned him about his behavior.

Fans Pointed Out That They Didn’t Think Green & Rose Were Really Keeping It Cordial

Fans had mixed reactions to Green’s Instagram Story about her breakup from Rose after a screenshot was shared to Reddit. Someone asked, “I wonder what people were saying he was up to.” Another person replied, “He and Austen are on a trip so I can only imagine.”

One person said, “I think she’s probably just getting inundated with posts DM’d to her or she’s getting tagged in comments asking if her and Shep are still together. It has to be exhausting because who knows how many people are doing it to her.” Quite a few people commented that they didn’t think being “cordial” was a good idea and others said it seemed as though the exes were being more than cordial.

One person commented, “I think them being friends, and ‘cordial’ is temporary and eventually she’s just going to have to go no contact for her own mental health, at least until he just doesn’t matter anymore.” Another agreed, “I feel like keeping things cordial isn’t going to last long.” Someone else said, “They are more than cordial, they’ve been spotted hanging out many times since the split. Cordial is being at the same place and saying hello and having a brief chat.”

Someone else wrote, “Does she know what cordial means? Because it’s not hanging out with your ex voluntarily and introducing him to your new puppy.” One person commented “I mean she is posting him on her socials calling [his dog Craig] her dogs step brother…” Someone else said, “I think she means the people probably DMing her like ‘shep is hooking up with so and so’ thinjing that maybe he’s cheating on Taylor. I’m assuming that’s the type of thing she doesn’t want to hear about.”

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