‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Involved in Serious Accident

Thomas Ravenel

Heavy/Getty "Southern Charm" alum Thomas Ravenel suffered injuries in an accident.

A former Bravo star is on the mend following a serious accident.

In June 2023, “Southern Charm” veteran Thomas Ravenel revealed he suffered an accident while playing polo. The 60-year-old reality star, who left “Southern Charm” in 2018 after starring in five seasons,  detailed his injuries in an Instagram post and revealed that he has a long road ahead for recovery.

Here’s what you need to know:

Thomas Ravenel Broke 7 Bones & Punctured His Lungs After Falling From His Horse

In an Instagram post on June 4, 2023, Ravenel shared a photo of him dressed in polo gear while at Brookland Plantation in South Carolina. In the caption, he explained that he will be “out of commission for a while” following an accident on the polo field.

“Just spent 4 days in the hospital,” he wrote. “Had a polo accident broke 7 bones and puncturing my lungs. But don’t worry. I’ll live. If I don’t die. J/k. I’ll be back in 7 weeks.”

Ravenel added that after x-rays were taken he was told that he had broken the same bones before. He admitted that he was “surprised” by that news.

Ravenel gave more details on the accident in the comment section of his post. When a follower asked if his horse fell on top of him,  Ravenel wrote, “The field was not dry and the horse slipped when I turned her.” He also confirmed that the horse “is fine.”

“Southern Charm” fans know that Ravenel is an avid polo player. Some of his past matches were shown when he was a star on the Bravo reality show, and BravoTV.com even shared behind-the-scenes photos of a Ravenel polo match.

Thomas Ravenel Was Recently Granted Permanent Full Custody of His Kids


The polo accident took place just a few months after Ravenel was granted permanent full custody of his children,  Kensington, 8, and Saint, 6. The South Carolina businessman shares the two kids with his ex, Kathryn Dennis.

In a May 2023 interview with All About The Tea, Ravenel said he makes “all of the parenting decisions” regarding Kensie and Saint and that Dennis is allowed “supervised visitation by an approved supervisor” every other weekend, but is not permitted to have overnight stays with the children.

In the comment section of Ravenel’s accident post, some followers recalled that Ravenel had previously planned to quit playing polo due to his kids. The former Bravo star did not reply to those comments.

But he did cause some buzz during his “Southern Charm” days when he ignored his young children during a break in a polo match back in 2017 and sat on the sideline drinking water instead.

According to Reality Tea, “Southern Charm” matriarch Patricia Altschul reacted to Ravenel’s behavior.

“Interestingly enough, I asked Thomas about that and he said – and I agree with him- ‘When you are playing polo, it is an extremely dangerous game,’” Altschul said. “He wanted the children off of the field. He wanted to concentrate because if you lose your concentration you can get killed on the polo field.”

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