Tom Sandoval’s Former Assistant Says His Comments Could Affect Her Getting Jobs

Tom Sandoval.

Heavy/Getty Tom Sandoval.

Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Sandoval‘s former assistant, Ann Maddox, is speaking out about her experience filming the show’s 11th season.

On the April 3 episode of her podcast, “We Signed an NDA,” co-hosted by Amanda Lifford, Maddox discussed a situation involving Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix‘s dog, Mya. She mentioned that Madix was upset with Sandoval for letting her dog, Mya, in her room. As fans are aware, the dog ate Madix’s leftover food, causing severe health issues, while in the room.

Maddox stated that the air conditioning was being repaired at Sandoval and Madix’s shared Valley Village home when the incident with Mya occurred. According to Maddox, she instructed Sandoval to keep Mya and Madix’s cat out of her room before she left the house.

“I do specifically remember telling Tom, ‘This is serious. Don’t forget to shut the door. Because I know Ariana doesn’t want the cat and Mya going in there. And something happening. So, like, don’t forget to shut the door,'” said Maddox.

She also theorized that Sandoval shut Madix’s door without realizing Mya was in her room.

Lifford interjected that she believed it was careless for Sandoval to say Maddox may have been responsible for shutting the door while Mya was in Madix’s room. She stated that Maddox works part-time as a pet sitter.

“For him to be kind of saying that — that could affect your livelihood,” said Lifford.

Maddox agreed with her podcast co-host. She also suggested she did not appreciate Sandoval saying she could have left Mya in the room.

“Why do you got to take me down with you?” asked Maddox. “That could potentially affect me getting a job here and there.”

Ann Maddox Shared Why She Wanted to Work for Ariana Madix

During the April 3 “We Signed an NDA” episode, Maddox shared why she expressed interest in working for Madix while she was still Sandoval’s employee. She referenced that she was tasked to communicate Sandoval’s needs to Madix while they were sharing their home following their March 2023 breakup. As fans are aware, Madix ended her relationship with Sandoval after he had an affair with their former castmate, Rachel “Raquel” Leviss.

“Interviewing for a job with Ariana seemed like a silver-lining. Or an opportunity to be in a more happy, peaceful work environment that leaned toward my interests,” said Maddox.

She also explained that working for Sandoval following his cheating scandal exacerbated the symptoms of her c-PTSD.

“After Scandoval broke everything was really intense. I felt like I was walking on eggshells. And things weren’t good for my boss, mentally, emotionally,” said Maddox.

She also stated that she did not get dental or health insurance while working for Sandoval.

Tom Sandoval Mentioned Ann Maddox’s Podcast

Sandoval mentioned Maddox’s podcast on the April 2 episode of the “Vanderpump Rules After Show,” alongside Tom Schwartz and Jax Taylor. Taylor asked what Maddox was discussing on her podcast as she signed a non-disclosure agreement while working for him. Sandoval replied, “I don’t know but she’s about to get a letter from my lawyer.”

Maddox and Lifford responded to Taylor and Sandoval’s “Vanderpump Rules After Show” comments in an April 4 post, uploaded on the official “We Signed an NDA” Instagram account. The upload featured a clip of Taylor asking if, “she signed an NDA what could she possibly talk about.” The clip was followed up with a brief video of Maddox discussing her appreciation for the 1986 film, “Crocodile Dundee.”

“@tomsandoval1 thanks for the shout out 🥰,” read the caption of the post.

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