Why Peyton List Said William Zabka Is ‘Always Getting in Trouble’

Peyton List

Getty Peyton List poses at The Paley Center for Media in 2019.

William “Billy” Zabka first portrayed his iconic character, Johnny Lawrence, in the 1984 film “The Karate Kid.” The character was briefly featured in “The Karate Kid Part II” and was reintroduced on the series “Cobra Kai,” which debuted in 2018.

Peyton List & Jacob Bertrand Recently Spoke About William Zabka Missing on Set

During an August 2021 live stream, Zabka, alongside his “Cobra Kai” co-stars Peyton List, Xolo Maridueña, and Jacob Bertrand responded to a few fan questions. Zabka shared one question, which read, “do you guys ever mess around and get into trouble on the set?”

List, who portrays Tory Nichols, suggested that Maridueña, who plays Miguel Diaz, and Bertrand, who plays Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz, often cause trouble during the show’s production. Maridueña seemed to acknowledge that he and Bertrand are sometimes not on their best behavior while filming the show. He then revealed that he unintentionally injured his castmate.

“I think life is too short to keep it so serious, whether it’s me accidentally punching Jacob in the face and giving him a bloody nose or whatever it is,” said the 20-year-old.

He went on to say that “Cobra Kai” “wouldn’t be a karate show without some bloody noses.”

List proceeded to share that Zabka is “the one always getting in trouble, more than the kids.” Bertrand confirmed that the “Back to School” star has had issues with being missing on set.

“I remember season 1. It was like the big gag of like ‘where’s Billy?’” said Bertrand.

Zabka then revealed that the show’s production assistants would have to look for him when he left the set.

“They have these PAs on us because they are going to get those shots, so if you walk away from the set and I mean — and they’re the best but like, you know,  you need some time to go prepare somewhere and the PAs will follow you, they’ll be on, you know, they got the binoculars in the rafer like, ‘I got Billy, you know, like bring him in!’” quipped Zabka.

William Zabka Discussed ‘The Karate Kid’ & ‘Cobra Kai’

During a recent panel with his “Cobra Kai” co-star Martin Kove at the Planet Comicon Kansas City, Zabka commented on whether he has a preference for “The Karate Kid” or “Cobra Kai.” He explained that he was only 18-years-old and “studying to become a filmmaker” when he was cast as Johnny for the 1984 martial arts film.

“That’s when the whole thing started so I’m really, you know, my heart’s there,” said Zabka.

He clarified that he also has a deep appreciation for “Cobra Kai.”

“It’s hard to pick. It would be like picking between your kids, some people might have a choice in that, I don’t. So, but I’m loving  — we’re loving ‘Cobra Kai,’” said Zabka. “Because a movie is a movie. It’s, you know, you shoot for three months and it’s done and it’s sealed but this is really — we’re doing seasons, every season is like a five hour film. You know, it’s diced up into 10 half hour parts, so you know, we’re making kind of big films, you know, each season, that’s kind of our style.”

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