DWTS Host Suffers Concussion Ahead of Season 32 Premiere

Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough

ABC Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough host "Dancing with the Stars."

The premiere of “Dancing with the Stars” season 32 is just days away, and everybody in the cast is getting ready for it to begin. Former winner Alfonso Ribeiro is back in a hosting spot, but this time around, he will be working alongside former professional dancer and judge Julianne Hough. Unfortunately for Ribeiro, he encountered an injury that could have thrown off his preparations for the DWTS premiere.

Here’s what you need to know:

Alfonso Ribeiro Took a Hit to the Back of His Head

Ribeiro appeared on the September 22 episode of Live with Kelly & Mark, and he was hyping up the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars.” However, he also shared details on a recent injury he received that could have knocked him out of commission ahead of the show premiere.

As People recapped, Ribeiro told co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos that the incident happened while he was a spectator at one of his son’s baseball games.

“I got concussed last week. I was standing off to the side and I’m putting someone’s number in the phone and boom, a ball to the back of my head,” the “Dancing with the Stars” co-host recalled.

Ribeiro reiterated the hit was “Right in the back” of his head and he revealed he went down immediately after the hit. Right away, he felt disoriented, he explained, and that continued for a few days. “For like, three days, I’m like, ‘Huh? What?'”

While Ribeiro was in his dazed and disoriented state at home, it seems his wife Angela was not entirely convinced his injury was causing issues. “My wife seems to think it was just me saying I didn’t want to do nothing at the house.” The “Dancing with the Stars” host explained, “It wasn’t that. It was a good hit” that left him unable to help much at home.

Ribeiro Seems to Be Recovering Well

Luckily, it appears Ribeiro is making a swift recovery. He seemed to do just fine during his appearance on Ripa and Consuelos’ show, and he did not give any indication he would not be able to forge forward with the “Dancing with the Stars” premiere as slated.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “Symptoms of a concussion may last less than a day or may linger for months, or longer.” Symptoms of a concussion often include dizziness, headaches, nausea, and disorientation, along with difficulties walking or seeing properly.

Sometimes, the issues do not surface for some time after the initial concussion. The treatment for a concussion is essentially to focus on quality rest, including during the day as needed.

People may want to stay away from heavy or intense physical exertion while they recover, notes Johns Hopkins. In addition, the ability to focus may be impacted by a concussion, so those recovering may need to avoid tasks requiring a lot of concentration.

Ribeiro talked with Ripa and Consuelos not only about his recent concussion, but he provided an update regarding his daughter’s recent injury as well. The “Dancing with the Stars” host told People in May that his daughter Ava experienced a scooter accident.

Ava needed emergency surgery after the incident and it has been a long recovery. Ribeiro said she’s doing great now, though. “She’s doing much better… I wouldn’t say fully healed, you know, there’s still scarring a little bit that’s going away,” and scarring on her face “is the least of it all.” Ava also has some scars on her arms, but “she’s no longer in pain” and “emotionally she’s great.”

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