DWTS Pro Britt Stewart Hopes Daniel Durant Is Her Forever Dance Partner

Britt Stewart

Heavy "Dancing with the Stars" pro Britt Stewart talks romance with Daniel Durant.

“Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer Britt Stewart has three seasons partnering with a celebrity under her belt, although she has not yet made it to the finale or won a mirror-ball trophy. However, her season 31 experience was still a win, in that she may have found her forever real-life partner thanks to the competition.

Stewart partnered with “CODA” actor Daniel Durant for season 31 of DWTS, and their chemistry on the dance floor was immediately visible to everybody else watching. Stewart and Durant have since gone public with a romantic relationship, and she now says she has high hopes for the future of their off-screen partnership.

Here’s what you need to know:

Britt Stewart & Daniel Durant Became Best Friends While Competing

On August 7, the “Dancing with the Stars” pro opened up to Us Weekly about her real-life connection with Durant. Stewart admitted she had high expectations early on that they could last a long time in season 31.

Despite being eliminated prior to the finale, she noted, “Both Daniel and I really feel like we’re satisfied with our season.” They did not bring home the champion’s trophy, but, “We believe that everything happens for a reason. So our journey on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ ended when it was meant to be,” she added.

The dancer explained she and Durant were “best friends throughout the entire season.” While they knew they shared an intense chemistry, they initially thought it would simply be an asset to get them to the finale. After their elimination, with the realization they wouldn’t be spending so much time together any longer, they acknowledged, “Ok, this is a little bit more than friendship.”

Dancing With the Stars Fans Are Rooting for Stewart & Durant

Stewart admitted she and Durant have something of an inside joke with one another about the situation. “We got something much better than the mirrorball,” by walking away from season 31 in love. Could Durant be her “forever dance partner”? When responding to that particular question, the “Dancing with the Stars” dancer teased, “I hope so. We’ll see.”

Now that Durant and Stewart are officially an item, the “Dancing with the Stars” pro gushed, “Life with Daniel is the most enjoyable thing.” As their relationship progresses, Stewart explained, “The life that we wanna create is the most important and special thing for us.”

The pair travels together frequently, recently visiting his hometown of Duluth, Minnesota, and she sees the travel and other activities they share with one another as “Just all bonuses.” They continue to dance together now and then as well, with Stewart even surprising Durant with a private dance lesson recently.

After Stewart’s latest interview emerged, a handful of supporters shared their enthusiasm for it on the “Dancing with the Stars” subreddit and social media. Fans seem to fully embrace the idea that Durant and Stewart could become one another’s forever dance partners.

One fan commented on Reddit, “I love this for them so much!!!”

“The domesticity in this article makes me so soft and fond,” admitted another.

“They have good chemistry so I’m hoping for them,” a Redditor noted.

“I’M HOPEFUL TOO 🥹🥹🥹,”  read a comment on the Us Weekly Instagram post about Stewart’s comments.

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