A DWTS Pro Has an Unusual Party Trick

The 'Dancing With the Stars' season 27 cast

ABC The 'Dancing With the Stars' season 27 cast

Longtime “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Cheryl Burke recently made an NSFW (not suitable for work) revelation on “Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump” about one of her fellow professional dancers. Read on to find out what this pro does for a party trick but be warned that the below content is sexual in nature.

Burke Said That a ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Can ‘Suck His Own Penis’

When asked to dish the “Dancing With the Stars” dirt, Burke regaled Vanderpump and fellow guest, Gabriel Iglesias, with a bombshell that clearly they were not expecting.

“You can’t ask me who because I’m not going to go there. It’s a professional dancer. He could — OK, so it’s a party trick, right? But he could basically suck his own penis,” said Burke, as Vanderpump and Iglesias looked shocked.

“You actually saw it?!” asked Vanderpump, to which Burke replied, “It was fascinating.”

“Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump” has actually been quite the confessional arena for “Dancing With the Stars” contestants and pro dancers. Lance Bass revealed in the season premiere that the judges straight-up admitted to him that they “couldn’t stand” his pro partner and Vivica A. Fox said something similar, saying she was convinced she got eliminated because her pro partner was too demanding.

Burke Also Revealed Secrets About Herself

Over the course of dinner and drinks (non-alcoholic for Burke, who is two years sober), Burke also divulged that she has a lot of fans in prison and gets letters from them all the time.

She also said that when she was planning her wedding to husband Matthew Lawrence, she wasn’t just a bride-zilla — she was “bride-zilla meets ‘Dance Moms.'”

The couple had a choreographed first dance and Lawrence was really nervous about it because so many professional dancers were going to be in attendance at their wedding reception. Burke said she did not help things because she was so determined that it had to be perfect.

“I had to make sure I had chaperones during our wedding dance rehearsals,” admitted Burke.

She told People in May 2019, “I’m not choreographing it myself because I’m trying to avoid any tension. … On ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I’m pretty tough. I don’t want him to see that side, or to experience it, necessarily.”

But the dance went off without a hitch and the dance floor was full of celebrities. Burke revealed in an interview with Inside Weddings that her former two-time “Dancing With the Stars” partner Emmitt Smith was “the life of the party,” plus Lawrence’s famous brothers Joey and Andrew were there alongside Ben Savage from “Boy Meets World” and matron of honor Leah Remini along with several other “Dancing With the Stars” pro dancers and contestants.

“Dancing With the Stars” season 30 is expected to premiere in September 2021 on ABC.

“Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump” has finished its first season run; there is no word yet on if E! will renew the new series.

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