Derek Hough Suffers Fail on the Dance Floor at Home Wedding

Derek Hough

Heavy/Getty Derek Hough's latest dance stunt hit a snag.

Fans of “Dancing with the Stars” judge and former pro Derek Hough are accustomed to seeing him perform nearly perfect routines whenever he hits the dance floor. At a recent event, however, Hough’s attempt at a wild trick hit a bit of a snag. Luckily, it looked like he still had a blast, as did the subject of his failed dance maneuver.

Here’s what you need to know:

Derek Hough Tried a Fancy Dance Stunt

The evidence of Hough’s miscalculated dance move came via an Instagram post from buddy and former “E! News” host Jason Kennedy. Apparently, Kennedy recently hosted a wedding at the home he shares with his wife, Lauren Scruggs, and the “Dancing with the Stars” judge was one of the guests. By the looks of things, the party got a little wild late in the evening. The caption of Kennedy’s Instagram post read, “Them – can we get married at your house? Me – sure, please don’t break anything…” Kennedy tagged bride and groom Arielle Vandenberg and Matt Cutshall, congratulating them and noting he loved them “so much!”

The video that Kennedy shared showed a moment of the outdoor reception late in the evening. Hough was one of many guests whooping it up on the dance floor, and it appeared he chose the groom himself to partner with for an impromptu stunt. The “Dancing with the Stars” judge reached down, grabbed the groom around the waist, and flipped Cutshall over his arm. Right as he set Cutshall back down on the dance floor, Hough shared a look of surprise before cheering. In the process of his big move, Cutshall’s foot clipped a string of lights and pulled them down. The lights coming down did spark a pause in the action, but only for a few seconds.

Hough Received Good-Natured Ribbing From Others

According to an Instagram post from Vandenberg and Cutshall, the wedding actually took place on May 21. However, Kennedy just shared the wild reception clip on June 21. A couple of people, including the groom, noted in the comments section that the flip took place while the Daddy Yankee song “Gasolina” was playing, which they felt seemed appropriate.

Actor Taylor Lautner joked, “Somebody’s heading to @homedepot.” Kennedy replied to that comment with a crying-laughing emoji, while Hough added, “I’ll get the duck tape.”

E’s “The Rundown” host Erin Lim joked, “Leave it to @derekhough to get that sh*t poppin!!!”

“There’s no weddings without some damages,” joked another commenter.

“Gasolina song always turns [things] up a notch,” someone else suggested.

“If you don’t have such friends in your life you are boring,” declared a different poster.

One person noted that it’s Hough’s turn next, suggesting the groom pulls the same move when the “Dancing with the Stars” judge marries his fiancee Hayley Erbert in August. Hough and Erbert have shared some details about their upcoming nuptials, including the fact that fellow “Dancing with the Stars” alum Mark Ballas will be the best man. They have warned fans that they should not expect an epic, highly orchestrated first dance from the couple, despite their dance background, as they want to focus on being in the moment on their big day. Luckily, both the bride and groom seemed to love the move Hough pulled at their wedding reception, even if it came with a slight disruption.