Gleb Savchenko Shares TMI Confession & Fans Can’t Believe He Said It

Gleb Savchenko.

Heavy/Getty Gleb Savchenko shared a TMI thought.

Back on April 15, “Dancing With the Stars” pro Gleb Savchenko shared a news article on his Instagram Stories.

“Doctor claims that men should have sex 21 times a month to prevent prostate cancer,” the title of the article read. One fan took a screenshot and shared it on Reddit.

However, it was Savchenko’s comment on the post that got fans talking.

“Damn, gotta change that,” Savchenko wrote. “It’s been too long. 5th of January was the last time. Thinking of setting a record for a year LOL. Can I last that long?” he added. He deleted the post a short time later, which had some fans wondering if the post was meant only for “close friends” or a select audience.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Reacted to Gleb Savchenko’s TMI Post on a Reddit Thread

Perhaps unsurprisingly, DWTS fans had a lot to say about Savchenko’s sex confession.

“My eyes cannot roll farther back in my head. Now I have to jostle them loose again to see. He just went from my least favorite DWTS pro to … well, going onto my list of least favorite people (PS — you don’t think guys really talk like this, any of you?),” one Redditor wrote.

“Gleb continues his ‘What is this ‘inside thought’ of which you speak’ grand tour,” someone else added.

“I wish he’d just be pretty and stay quiet. IDK if he thinks this fits his persona he’s supposed to portray. but it’s just a turn off,” a third comment read.

“I’ve always loved Gleb but for crying out loud his daughters are on Instagram and can see this stuff. The cringe they must feel,” a fourth social media user said.

“I knew he was a hot mess but I didn’t think he could be this WILD,” another person weighed in.

Gleb Savchenko & Elena Belle Split in March

Savchenko and his girlfriend, Elena Belle, split in 2024 after three years together.

“Yes, Elena and I broke up about a month ago,” Savchenko told Page Six. “It kind of just happened. People always say life happens and sometimes I think, ‘How did it even happen?'” he admitted.

“She’s an amazing mom, she’s an amazing person and everything. It’s just the timing,” he continued, adding, “we had been together for almost three years and I had, like, the best time of my life with her. There’s certain things that just didn’t work out.”

Their relationship had its ups and downs for years. For example, in 2023, split rumors circulated when Belle took to her Instagram Stories to share some cryptic quotes.

One quote she posted read, “I know what I bring to the table… so trust me when I say I’m not afraid to eat alone.” Then, Belle asked if “anyone knows of a good tattoo removal place? DM Me.” Screenshots of Belle’s Instagram posts made it to Reddit and many fans assumed that she wanted to remove the matching tattoo that she got with Savchenko.

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