Fans Predict Harry Jowsey Will Change DWTS Live Tour

Harry Jowsey

Heavy/Getty Harry Jowsey.

The “Dancing With the Stars”  live tour is in full swing, but some fans think the addition of one special guest will change the tone of the show.

In a series of posts on social media, fans speculated that the arrival of Harry Jowsey to the tour in late February will put a focus on his relationship with his DWTS pro partner Rylee Arnold and take away from the overall “team” feel of the show.

According to the DWTS Live Tour website, mirrorball trophy winner Xochitl Gomez will perform on the tour through February 4. “Bachelorette” star Charity Lawson will appear from February 6 to 18, before Jowsey takes the stage from February 20 to March 26.

Some Fans Are Not Looking Forward to Harry Jowsey Joining the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Tour

Arnold, 18, joined DWTS as a first-time pro in late 2023, just two months after graduating from high school. When she was partnered with 26-year-old “Too Hot to Handle” hunk Jowsey, there was a large focus put on their flirty chemistry—and the two even played into it. Arnold and Jowsey made it to week 9 of DWTS season 32 largely due to fan votes.

Arnold started the DWTS Live Tour in January 2024, without Jowsey by her side. Other pros on the tour include Brandon Armstrong, Alan Bersten, Daniella Karagach, Pasha Pashkov, Gleb Savchenko, and Britt Stewart. Arnold has already been a standout in the shows.

After she posted a TikTok from her first few days on tour, Jowsey commented, “Looks so good!! Can’t wait to join you guys.” “We can’t wait to have you!!!” Arnold replied.

But some fans don’t agree. In a Reddit thread, one DWTS fan wrote of Jowsey, “I am low-key not looking forward to him joining tour. I feel like all the content will be focused on him and Rylee, what tour bus he is on and everything else will become small fry which would lessen the focus on the group, the dances and to a degree Rylee’s first tour. No negative feeling to Harry or Rylee! Even all her tour videos now the comments are all about when Harry joins.”

Others agreed that Jowsey could become a distraction on the tour. “I agree. What is he going to add to the tour?” another asked. “I am not looking forward to social media blowing up about them,” another chimed in.

“Even now I swear the only videos of the tour on social media I can find are of Rylee. Like I’ve barely seen them of anyone else. It’s going to be next level when Harry joins,” another fan predicted.

Another fan said Arnold “shines on her own with or without Harry. Sure it’ll be magnified when Harry arrives but she’s getting so much praise on TikTok with her tour dances.” The fan added.

Per the DSTS Live Tour site, Jowsey will join the tour from February 20 to March 26 for shows in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, and  California.

Harry Jowsey Can’t Wait to Meet Fans on the DWTS Tour

Rylee Arnold Harry Jowsey

Heavy/ABCRylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey.

While not everyone is excited about Jowsey’s arrival to the tour, he has talked about how much he is looking forward to it. While speaking on the “Lightweights” podcast in December 2023, Jowsey said he will perform in the last five weeks of the tour, starting with dates in Florida and ending in Los Angeles.

“I’ve never been on tour. I’ve never done anything like that,” Jowsey added. “I think I’m more excited to meet the people that watch the show. Like I love all the dancers and I love spending time with them and I think that’s a massive reason why I want to go is just hang out with those guys and spend time with, with them. …But the main reason was there’s gonna be all these people that watch the show that I’ve never met before and I just wanna meet as many people as I can and also travel to random cities that I’ve never been to.”

At the time, Jowsey was unsure if he would perform an exclusive number with Arnold.

“Mandy Moore is doing the whole tour, like she’s choreographing it and I was like, yeah I could just be a tree trunk in the back,” he cracked. “Like I know I can’t dance.”

Jowsey admitted that his partnership with Arnold helped to bring a younger demographic to “Dancing With the Stars.” “I just think me and Ry were just a match made in heaven,” he added. “Like we both love making [social media]  content. She’s got an incredible sense of humor. I love making jokes about myself and it just like really like it just came naturally to make content and like help that younger demographic.”

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