Fans Upset With ‘Creep’ Harry Jowsey Following Wedding Photo With Rylee Arnold

Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold.

Heavy/ABC Harry Jowsey is getting heat for an edited pic of Rylee Arnold.

Season 32 “Dancing With the Stars” alum Harry Jowsey is taking heat online after he posted an edited wedding photo. The snap was shared on the Netflix stars Snapchat and showed a bride and groom with his face and Rylee Arnold’s face superimposed on it.

“I swear this filter just made this,” Jowsey captioned the post, adding a crying emoji and a crying with laughter emoji.

Someone shared the photo on a Reddit thread where dozens of fans commented on it. Many fans felt the photo was a stretch, given the ongoing dating rumors between him and Arnold. Some people also pointed out the age difference between Arnold, 18, and Jowsey, 26, and how inappropriate they felt that the photo was.

Here’s what you need to know:

Harry Jowsey’s Edited Photo Upset Some Fans

Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans didn’t approve of Jowsey’s wedding snap edit, regardless if he meant it as a joke.

“What a creep,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“Same guy who complains about his fans creeping him out, he wants the attention. Too bad for Harry that Rylee would never be with him. His past is disgusting and that’s not something Rylee would just be able to get over, especially with how she was raised and her morals,” someone else added.

“Yess I’m sure the filter randomly put you and Rylee in a wedding picture … like wtf is this even? And right after he complained about fans speculating if they’ve kissed?” a third person said.

“I am the same age as Rylee and I would be creeped out if a 26 year old man that I considered my friend was doing [expletive] like that,” a fourth fan wrote.

“Major creepo vibes,” read another comment.

Harry Jowsey & Rylee Arnold Maintain They Are Just Friends

Despite ongoing speculation about their relationship, Jowsey and Arnold have always said that they are just good friends. The two seem to have great chemistry and often post videos together on TikTok. They both appear flirty in these videos, but they maintain they aren’t dating.

Both Jowsey and Arnold always speak highly of one another since they met on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“Oh, Rylee’s everything. She’s such a sweetheart,” Jowsey told ET in January. “She made me learn a lot about myself. Just how she carries and her maturity and her morals and everything like that,” he continued.

“She’s everything; she’s such a special human. I can’t believe I got to spend all of that time with her, and now I get to hang with her again. I have so much love for her, she’s incredible,” he added.

The two spent the past few weeks together on the DWTS Live Tour. Their closeness only reignited chatter about their friendship — and potential romance. Now that Jowsey got fans riled up with his edited wedding snap, it proved that the rumors about his relationship with Arnold are still very much alive and well.

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