DWTS Semi-Finalist Reveals Mortifying Experience

The DWTS Mirrorball Trophy.

ABC A DWTS semi-finalist shared an embarrassing interaction on a date.

A “Dancing With the Stars” semi-finalist from season 23 opened up about a mortifying experience she had while dating.

On the November 14, 2022, episode of the “Whine Down” podcast, Jana Kramer revealed that she once dated Chris Evans, who was recently named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Kramer said that she and Evans went on a couple of dates several years ago but he ultimately ghosted her after an “embarrassing” bathroom incident that happened at his home.

“To this day I’m actually sort of mortified. … This is so embarrassing,” Kramer said before sharing the full story of what went down — and ultimately ended her relationship with Evans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kramer Went to Evans’ House for a Sleepover When Things Went South

Kramer said she doesn’t remember how she and Evans met, but believes it may have been at a club.

They had gone on a couple of dates before Evans invited Kramer over to his house for a “sleepover” of sorts when some of his pals were in town.

“He had all of his friends there,” she said. “It was a fun time.” She went on to say that there was a bathroom incident that effectively ended any relationship she’d go on to have with the “Captain America” star.

Right before bed, Kramer used the bathroom.

“So I had asparagus for dinner that night. So I went to the bathroom and he immediately went after me,” Kramer recalled.

“And so that’s the last interaction that I remember is him going into the bathroom after I just went to the bathroom with asparagus pee and never hearing from him again from the morning. We didn’t hook up that night. … And then, in the morning, I did the asparagus walk of shame out of his house,” she added. “I never heard from him again.”

Kramer did say that Evans was a “great” kisser.

Kramer Is Single Following Split From Ian Schinelli

Kramer went through a divorce in late 2021 and has been dabbing her toe back into the dating pool. She went on to date Ian Schinelli for six months before the two ended their relationship in April 2022, according to Us Weekly.

Interestingly, Kramer admitted that she actually tried to slide into Evans’ DMs more recently though she didn’t really elaborate. She hasn’t confirmed any relationships in the time since.

Kramer has been utilizing her podcast to talk about all things love and loss, and has even done a few interviews during which she’s opened up about her failed marriage.

In an episode of “Red Table Talk” that aired in October 2022, Kramer revealed that her ex-husband Mike Caussin cheated on her with “more” than a dozen women.

“I shattered so many things in my house … there was this pantry door. Me and my girlfriends took a bat to it and we just shattered it. Then I destroyed all his Xboxes that he said was his only vice. I wrote all over his tux. I went real crazy for a minute,” she admitted.

Kramer and Caussin co-parent their two young children.

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