A DWTS Champ Is Dying to Play ‘Big Brother’

The Dancing With the Stars Mirrorball Trophy

Getty The Dancing With the Stars Mirrorball Trophy

The reality TV bug has bitten Kaitlyn Bristowe. She previously appeared on The Bachelor, then was the lead on her own season of The Bachelorette and now this past fall, she won the coveted Mirrorball Trophy during Dancing With the Stars season 29.

But she’s not done! She gave a recent interview where she talked about how “passionate” she is about Big Brother and how much she would love to be on the show.

Bristowe Has Actually Had Dreams Where She’s on the Show

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In an interview for Big Brother alum Nicole Anthony’s podcast “Hello Friends,” Bristowe was asked if there are other reality shows she’d like to go on and she said Big Brother is No. 1, followed closely by The Amazing Race.

Big Brother is definitely my No. 1 … but I also have always wanted to do The Amazing Race,” said Bristowe, adding that Survivor is a distant third.

Survivor I would not last a day on. I’m tough, but I’m not like, what’s the word I’m looking for… resourceful,” said Bristowe with a laugh. “And I’m kind of lazy. It depends on what I’m doing, but in that situation I’d be like, I just wanna lay on the beach.’ I just don’t think I would thrive in a Survivor situation.”

She went on to say that she has actually had dreams where she was on Big Brother.

“I’ve had dreams about being on Big Brother. I’ve had dreams about being in the Diary Room and I was like trying to be funny. It’s a thing I’ve thought about for a long time,” said Bristowe, adding, “I am a passionate Big Brother watcher … I love the show.”

Bristowe Doesn’t Want to do ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ – She Wants the Real Deal

When Anthony and her co-host Eric Curto suggested that Bristowe could do Celebrity Big Brother, she said she wouldn’t turn it down, but she doesn’t feel like Celebrity Big Brother is the true Big Brother experience.

“I don’t feel like [the celebrity edition] is a true, authentic Big Brother,” said Bristowe. “They don’t have to be there as long. Don’t they get spoiled a little bit? They can drink more, they can have the food that they want, they don’t have to be there as long, they get better sleep. I want the true experience. I would want to do the real thing.”

She also expressed her worry that she would get voted out early because she has already done other reality shows, but Anthony said she thinks Bristowe’s personality would keep her around.

“I think if you weren’t personable, people might [vote you out early], but I think because you are so personable, you would talk to everybody on night one … and I think everybody would fall into that charm,” said Anthony.

What do you think, Big Brother fans? Would a bachelorette be able to hack it on the show?

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring. Dancing With the Stars will hopefully return with season 30 in 2021. ABC has not yet officially announced a renewal and premiere date.

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