Jon Gosselin Just Made a Bold Claim That His Ex-Wife Had an Affair

Kate Gosselin.

Getty Images Jon Gosselin accuses his ex-wife of having an affair.

A former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant and TLC star is being accused of having an affair that ultimately ended her marriage.

Kate Gosselin, who competed on the 10th season of DWTS with pro Tony Dovolani, is being called out by her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin.

The Gosselin family rose to fame thanks to their TLC reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” The series followed the lives of the then-couple as they navigated being parents of two sets of multiples; twins, Mady and Cara, and sextuplets, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Aaden, Collin, and Joel.

There were tons of rumors surrounding the reasons behind Jon and Kate’s 2009 divorce, but Jon has now claimed that he knew that his ex was having an affair.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jon Says He Told Kate to End Her Affair

For years, Kate maintained that Jon was having an affair.

“The biggest misconception is the reason for the divorce is that I cheated on my wife, but I didn’t,” he revealed during a 2014 episode of “Couple’s Therapy,” according to InTouch.

In a 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jon revealed that the rumors that his now-ex was having an extramarital affair were true.

“Why did the divorce happen? Because a certain person left me for a certain somebody,” Jon claimed.

“I knew,” Jon continued. “I was like, ‘End it.'”

Rumors that Kate was having an affair with bodyguard Steve Neild had been plentiful, though Kate has always denied them. Jon did not say whether or not Neild was involved in the affair that he says his then-wife was having.

Jon Claims He’s Been ‘Alienated’ From His Other Kids

Jon and Kate announced their decision to divorce and their eight children lived full-time with their mom. As the kids got older, they were able to decide whether or not they wanted to spend time with their dad, and Hannah and Collin ended up growing very close to him.

The two decided that they wanted to live in Pennsylvania with their dad, apart from the rest of their siblings, who live in North Carolina with Kate. According to Hollywood Life, Jon has had custody of the two kids since 2018.

Jon hasn’t had any kind of relationship with his other kids in recent years, and he blames his ex.

Despite trying his best to be in his kids’ lives, Jon hasn’t had the easiest time. He recently opened up about the struggle in his interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“[Communicating with] the children that live with Kate is very difficult, because I don’t have an open relationship with them,” he said. “… [Hannah] communicates with them. She has a really good relationship with the other kids. I have been alienated from those children,” he told the outlet.

“I feel it’s a really poor decision on Kate’s part, because she alienated me from those kids. I think it was a poor parenting decision. It would’ve been much better if she would have been more open with them and explained things better,” he added.

Jon went on to say that now that the sextuplets are 18, they are going to figure things out on their own.

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