DWTS Alum Criticized For Giving Bad Dating Advice to Fans


Heavy The celebrity was criticized after giving her opinion on a dating dilemma.

Kristin Cavallari just shared her take on a dating dilemma, but some of her followers think she’s off the mark.

The “Dancing With the Stars” season 13 alum, who ended her 7-year marriage to Jay Cutler in March 2020, has been casually dating over the past few years, but she’s yet to get into a serious relationship.

In a clip from her Dear Media podcast, “Let’s be Honest With Kristin Cavallari,”  the divorced mom of three posed the question, “How many dates til you sleep with a guy?”

“I’ve been on this thing for the past two years, maybe, of being like, you should make him wait like three or four dates,” she said in November 2023, before adding, “I don’t think it f****** matters. It doesn’t f****** matter if you sleep with him the first date or the 10th date. If there is chemistry and feelings there, it doesn’t matter.”

Cavallari quoted a relationship coach who said 90 percent of couples who are in the best relationships and found “the one,” slept together on the first or second date. “So I don’t think it matters,” she concluded.

Kristin Cavallari’s Advice Did Not Sit Well With Fans


Cavallari, 36, received a big reaction after posting the clip on her Instagram page. Many felt that her advice was way off.  “WRONG!!! So much Wrong with this,” one follower commented. “Wow this is disturbing!” another agreed.

“This is the absolute worst advice to give to young females, especially in today’s society,” another wrote.

“It’s sad that she is giving this kind of advice when thousands of young women are looking up to her,” another agreed.

“Worst advice ever. Yes it matters,” another snapped.

Others noted that Cavallari shouldn’t give dating advice considering she has been single for the past three years.

“Oh God sweetheart …it matters …and are you single ATM??? Ok then ….you need to respect yourself and maybe they will respect u,” one commenter wrote.

“I’m not here to bash but since she’s divorced she probably shouldn’t give relationship advice,” another chimed in.

Not all of the comments were negative. Several fans in successful relationships agreed with Cavallari’s assessment that it doesn’t matter how early sex takes place in a relationship.

Kristin Cavallari Has Given Other Dating Advice in the Past

Cavallari’s new podcast often focuses on dating, but it is a topic she talked about long before that. In 2014, she dispensed dating advice on “Millionaire Matchmaker,” per MTV.com, where she advised women to let the men do the pursuing.

More recently, she told Us Weekly she is careful about showing too much “skin” when she meets a new guy.  “I think you should either show your legs or your upper body, but not both,” she said of her date attire.

Cavallari also advised keeping alcohol intake in check. “Order what you would normally order,” she said. “As long as you are not having more [drinks] than your date, you should be safe. But I think definitely tap out after three or four for sure.”

“If you’re vibing and having fun and it’s like turning into that night, I don’t know, maybe you go for it,” she added.

In September 2023,  Cavallari told Elite Daily she was looking for both compatibility and chemistry in a partner. “Personally, I won’t settle until I have both,” she said. “You need someone you’re compatible with in your day-to-day life for a lasting relationship, but I also want that spark, that passion, that fire.  …I will not settle. It’s probably why I’m still single.”

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