Why Some Fans Think DWTS Pro Lindsay Arnold is Having a Baby Soon

Lindsay Arnold

ABC Lindsay Arnold.

Some fans of professional dancer Lindsay Arnold and ABC’sDancing With the Stars” think the dancer might announce a pregnancy in the next few months.

The speculation comes following Arnold’s sisters, Jensen and Brynlee, both announcing their own pregnancies within the past couple of months.

In a Reddit thread talking about the pregnancies, some fans said they thought Lindsay would be the next one to announce that she is pregnant.

Fans Think Lindsay May Leave DWTS to Have More Babies

Lindsay is the mother of one daughter, Sage, who was born in 2020. Because of her pregnancy, Lindsay was not a professional dancer on season 29 of “Dancing With the Stars.” She did, however, return for season 30 where she was partnered with “Bachelor” Matt James.

In the Reddit thread, fans speculated that Lindsay could have another baby and skip another season of the ballroom dance competition.

“I have a feeling Lindsay will have a pregnancy announcement within the next few months too but who knows,” one person replied.

Another commented, “She seems much more motivated by mom/influence life rather than DWTS so I do agree. Though I’m someone who loves her on the show and selfishly wish she’d come back another season.”

Some people think that Arnold will be having more kids soon because she has said “she wants them close in age” in the past.

Others think that it might not affect the upcoming 2022 season of “Dancing With the Stars,” however.

“I could see Lindsay trying to get pregnant now, but if she isn’t successful in conceiving the next few months, she might then take a break to film one more season of DWTS and then resuming trying at the end of the season/once she is eliminated,” one person replied.

Some fans, however, think Witney Carson may be having another baby before Lindsay does. Carson has hinted that she’d like to have her second baby soon, and she and Lindsay had their first children in the same year. Both dancers were absent from season 29 of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Arnold Has Hinted She Wants to Try for Baby Number 2

In a December 28, 2021, Instagram post that served as a look back on her pregnancy with her first child, Sage, Arnold wrote, “Took me 10 minutes to put the actual reel together but I spent a full hour looking at all the pics in my camera roll while finding these. I still get emotional over newborn Sagey. I think that means it’s time to make another, right?”

“The only thing better than one sagey?! TWO SAGEYS,” Rachael Kirkconnell, Matt James’ girlfriend, wrote in the comments.

Another fan wrote, “Yeah, are you really thinking about #2? So excited.”

“Yes that absolutely means it’s time to make another!!! SAGEY NEEDS A SIBLING!!!” another person commented.

“You are an awesome mom! What’s more amazing than one precious baby? Two!” another wrote.

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it does get renewed, the show will return sometime in mid-September of 2022.

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