Mary Lou Retton Update: DWTS Alum ‘Still Fighting’ as She Remains in ICU

Mary Lou Retton

Heavy/Getty DWTS veteran Mary Lou Retton remains hospitalized in the ICU.

Former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant Mary Lou Retton remains hospitalized with a severe case of pneumonia that has had her in the intensive care unit for more than a week. Her daughter, McKenna Kelley, shared the news of Retton’s hospitalization on October 10, and now, some additional updates have emerged.

Here’s what you need to know:

Mary Lou Retton’s Condition Is Still Very Serious

On October 11, Retton’s oldest daughter, Shayla Schrepfer, shared a video update on her Instagram page.

In the caption, Schrepfer wrote, “Thank you for your unbelievable love & support for our mom. Please continue to pray for her full recovery.”

The video update was about a minute long. Retton’s daughter first thanked everybody again for the support they have been sending since the news of the Olympian’s illness emerged.

“My sister and I are overwhelmed, we’re OVERWHELMED, we didn’t even realize that there were so many people out there who love her just as much as we do.”

Schrepfer continued, “It’s been a really hard time for our family, and so, just seeing that people love her like that and showing her that support has just meant the world to us and to her.”

“As far as an update goes,” Retton’s daughter detailed. “She’s still fighting, so it’s gonna be a day-by-day process and we hope that you guys will respect her boundaries as we want to keep the details between her and our family right now.”

Schrepfer noted that the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant was being treated by the “best of the best professionals. … It has been such a blessing to have their hands on her.”

Sasha Farber Has Been in Touch With His Former DWTS Partner

In addition to the update from Retton’s oldest daughter, the Olympian’s former “Dancing with the Stars” partner shared a bit of information, too. Retton and Sasha Farber competed together during season 27 of the show, and it turns out he had spoken with her prior to Tuesday night’s performances.

Farber told ET Online after the show, “I’ve been talking with her today. She’s fighting, she kind of wants to give up.” The “Dancing with the Stars” pro added, “I’m sending her videos of her dancing” to motivate and encourage her.

Farber said he told his former partner, “‘There’s only one Mary Lou Retton, you’ve got this.'” He said it was “crazy,” because Retton had just been in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, and she had reached out to him in hopes she could take him out for dinner. Unfortunately, the “Dancing with the Stars” pro couldn’t make it work, as he had rehearsals.

Farber said he plans to continue to talk with Retton, and he insisted, “She’s a fighter, and she’s going to be great.” He also noted he learned of Retton’s illness on Tuesday, just as all of her “Dancing with the Stars” fans did.

“I know her very well and she’s like family to me. … Today I’ve been talking to her lots sending positive feedback,” he said.

Retton told Farber she was struggling, telling him, “I have no more, I have no power, I have nothing more,” he said. He added, however, “She’s strong. She’s strong.”