Why DWTS Can’t Stop Talking About Nev Schulman’s Chest Hair

Nev Schulson

Getty Producer Nev Schulman.

If you’re a fan of DWTS, you may have noticed a lot of talk about Nev Schulman’s chest hair recently.

After his performance last week, judge Derek Hough declared, “By the beard of Zeus, that is a lot of chest hair!”

He went on to compliment the performance, though he told Nev to watch out for his shoulders. Bruno Tonioli, amusingly, commented that Schulman’s gyrations were “mind-boggling.”

Some argued that Schulman’s chest hair was such a crowd-pleaser that it overshadowed the performance itself. Even Tyra Banks commented on it, noting that social distancing was the only thing stopping her from touching Schulman’s chest hair.

Nev ultimately scored a 7 from each judge for a total of 21 out of 30 points.

Hough’s comments aren’t the only ones out there in regards to Schulman’s chest hair. In fact, there’s a Facebook group dedicated to it.

“Nev Schulman’s Chest Hair” is a fan page with over 670 followers. It appears that it hasn’t been active in a few years, though. The last comment from 2014 reads, “I’m so fluffyyyy.”

And last December, when Schulman posted a photo showing off his ample chest hair, fans suggested he manscape in the comments section of the post. Schulman’s wife, Laura Perlongo, immediately took to social media to defend her man, writing, “He’s perfect.”

Schulman has already made a mark on this season of the show. During the Halloween-themed episode, he became the first celebrity of the season to earn a 30 for his Paso Doble with partner Jenna Johnson.

Interestingly enough, Schulman didn’t join DWTS until the last minute. In a Zoom interview with Monsters and Critics, the Catfish host revealed, “The premiere date had been announced, and it was getting closer and closer… I assumed if I hadn’t heard from them, I wasn’t going to hear from them.”

Nev went on to share that his approach to DWTS is similar to that which he takes with running marathons. “I love that sport because I know I am never going to win that race, but I know I can set a goal for myself and achieve that and feel as though I have won. So, I am looking at this very much the same way. My goal is to learn how to dance, to have a great time, and to shed some light on some causes that I am passionate about. For me, just being on the show is the win. I am really not focused on being the No. 1. That’s never been the thing that mattered to me.”

Schulman was a member of a youth dance organization called NDI (National Dance Institute) when he was in the fifth grade and danced with the company for four years. Despite popular belief that he was trained professionally, Schulman has no formal training.

“It was kind of a youthful, jazz/modern movement, but I did perform on major stages – Kennedy Center Honors, the White House, in Switzerland, at the UN – I have a lot of experience performing.”

Catfish: The TV Show Watch Online

MTVNev Schulman and Max Joseph on MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show

Schulman, 36, is best known for the 2010 documentary Catfish, which led to the MTV series Catfish: The TV Show.

The TV personality and producer was born and raised in New York City and studied Photography and Dance at Sarah Lawrence College. He and his brother started a production company when Nev was just 19, and his brother filmed the documentary that made him famous in 2010.

It was announced that Schulman would be a member of Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars in early September.

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