Fans Show Concern After DWTS Champ Shares Instagram Photo of Daughter

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Heavy/ABC Fans are worried after Rumer Willis' recent Instagram snap.

In honor of International Women’s Day, “Dancing With the Stars” champ Rumer Willis shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her daughter, Rue.

“Love of my life…..happy international women’s day,” Willis captioned the snap on March 8, 2024. In the photo, Willis stood topless in front of a bed and cradled her naked baby girl across her chest. Willis peered into the camera, wearing nothing except a pair of blue jeans.

It didn’t take long before comments from fans started rolling in. While the majority of people did think the picture was “beautiful,” a number of them also noted that photos of this nature shouldn’t be posted on the internet.

Here’s what you need to know:

Many Fans Suggested Rumer Willis Take the Photo Down

A number of Instagram users felt the need to warn Willis and some asked her to consider removing the picture from her feed. It seems the majority of fans were upset because Rue wasn’t clothed in the snap and not because Willis was nursing.

“Beautiful photo but there are too many sickos in the world. I would take it down to protect her,” one person wrote.

“Happy international women’s day! But please consider this photo from a child safeguarding perspective,” someone else added.

“Beautiful picture, but someday that kid is going to be furious with you for posting their booty on the internet,” a third comment read.

“There are far too many child predators on the internet to think this is ok any longer. It’s an unfortunate truth. We have to modify our behavior to protect our children,” a fourth Instagram user said.

Rumer Willis Has Shared Other Breastfeeding Photos

Willis gave birth to her first child in April 2023.

“You are pure magic,” Willis captioned an Instagram post which featured the little one’s first picture. “You are more than we ever dreamed of,” she added.

In the time since, Willis has been careful about sharing photos of her daughter on social media, and hasn’t really posted any pictures that include Rue’s face. However, she has shared quite a few photos of herself nursing her baby girl.

In November 2023, Willis shared a picture in collaboration with Bumpsuit. In the snap, Rue was breastfeeding while resting in a carrier on her mom’s chest. The comments on that Instagram upload were almost all positive and there weren’t many (if any) negative comments.

A few months prior, in August 2023, Willis posted a breastfeeding photo in honor of her 35th birthday.

“Last year on my birthday I had just found out I was pregnant with Lou and I was so tired and kinda nauseous and I hadn’t really told anyone. So many new sensations and changes going on within me. I was nervous and excited and felt so many tiny little butterflies in my belly and in deep wondering of who this little soul may be,” she captioned the post, in part.

Again, the comments were almost all supportive and positive.

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