Some Fans Are Worried About Sharna Burgess’ Relationship With Brian Austin Green

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green.

Getty Images Fans are worried for Sharna Burgess.

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green have been dating since late 2020. The “Dancing With the Stars” pro and the “Beverly Hills: 90210” actor were set up by a mutual friend. They went out for coffee and hit it off right away — the rest is history. At least, so far.

The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Zane, in June 2022. The following year, Green proposed to Burgess. As the duo navigate their lives together and start thinking about having a wedding, some fans have expressed concerns over the relationship.

On January 17, 2024, someone kicked off a new Reddit thread sharing worries about Burgess and Green’s ongoing romance. Green was previously married to Megan Fox and shares three sons with her. He also has an older son from his relationship with Vanessa Marcil. In February 2023, Marcil claimed that Green left her to raise their son alone, according to Page Six.

“I can’t tell you all how frustrating it is to read continued lies from a 50+ year old woman on social media like she is still in high school,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories at the time. This interaction was one of things discussed on the aforementioned Reddit thread.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Expressed Concerns About Brian Austin Green

Burgess and Green share a child together and are planning on getting married, but not everyone is convinced that they have staying power. In fact, dozens of fans have expressed concerns over their romance.

“I’ve never liked him. I can’t recall the name of the recent reality show he was on, but he was condescending and gaslighting some of the women on the show. He seems like a complete douche,” one person wrote.

“I’ve never liked the guy. Sharna is my favourite pro, so passionate in everything that she does, although we will obviously never know her personally seeing her with him just feels like a complete 180 to the person she was for years on and off the show,” someone else added.

“Sadly, I completely agree.. it’s as if Sharna has become a different person entirely, and not in a positive, ‘I’ve grown as a mother’ way. The relationship dynamic very much seems as though she walks on eggshells around him and waters herself down in order to keep him his happiest. I don’t like it at all. And yes, perhaps he’s really changed and maybe we’re just reading the online snippets wrong, but, jeez I certainly don’t like the little bit that we the fans see of their relationship at all,” a third comment read.

“He’s nothing but red flags,” a fourth Redditor said. “Every major decision that happens in their relationship winds up being something that benefits Brian and not her. She comes up with a bunch of rationalizations for why those are such amazing decisions, but it’s clear that Brian is the one making them and she has no choice but to get on board,” the social media user added.

Brian Austin Green & Sharna Burgess Are Unlikely to Have More Kids Together

Although Burgess has been open about possibly having another baby, Green has been more apprehensive, mainly because he already has four kids. He recently revealed that he underwent a vasectomy.

“I haven’t really planned for any of my kids. Every time, it’s been, ‘Oh, it’s OK. We can do this.’ I love my kids, and I wasn’t against any of them. But I’ve never experienced that thing of looking at a pregnancy test and hoping that it’s positive and preparing that way,” Green said on the January 2, 2024, episode of the “Old-ish” podcast.

“Zane was born, and I was like, ‘I think it’s time to close the shop,'” he added, confirming that he had a vasectomy.

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