Val Chmerkovskiy Shares Emotional Post About Season 32 & Fans Think It’s His ‘Goodbye’

Val Chmerkovskiy and Xochitl Gomez

Heavy/Getty Val Chmerkovskiy and Xochitl Gomez get emotional ahead of DWTS semi-finals.

The November 28 episode of “Dancing with the Stars” brings the season 32 semifinals, and one more couple will be eliminated. Val Chmerkovskiy and Xochitl Gomez have had some fabulous performances, but they are up against some tough competition. Ahead of the week 10 episode, Chmerkovskiy took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post. To some DWTS fans, it felt like a goodbye.

Here’s what you need to know:

Val Chmerkovskiy Gushed Over Partner Xochitl Gomez

On November 28, Chmerkovskiy posted several photos of him with Gomez from season 32 on his Instagram page. He included a sweet caption as well, and it all had to do with his experience in season 32 of “Dancing with the Stars.”

“This has easily been one of my favorite seasons on DWTS, and I’ve been a part of many,” Chmerkovskiy wrote. This is a sentiment he has opened up about previously.

On November 22, Chmerkovskiy talked with People about how season 32 has been substantially different for him in comparison to most of his prior experiences with the show.

Chmerkovskiy is having fun with Gomez, whereas many prior seasons felt stressful and less fun for him, he admitted. “This time around I’m really savoring the moment and I’m really enjoying it,” he revealed.

In his new Instagram post, Chmerkovskiy shared similarly powerful and emotional thoughts. “It’s been a real honor to be given such a powerful talent to guide,” he gushed of Gomez.

The “Dancing with the Stars” veteran added, “Xochitl is such a force, and I’m looking forward to seeing her shine for many many years to come.” Chmerkovskiy then joked, “Imma say I taught her some ballroom.”

Chmerkovskiy closed out his caption by writing, “Love you, proud of you. Tomorrow will be epic!”

While Chmerkovskiy did not explicitly note this was a goodbye of any sort, some “Dancing with the Stars” fans felt as if it read that way.

DWTS Fans Aren’t Ready to Say Goodbye to Chmerkovskiy & Gomez

Gomez was quick to comment on her partner’s sweet Instagram post. “Imma miss you bro, this week was filled with gratitude and joy,” the “Dancing with the Stars” contender wrote.

“But U AINT GETTIN RID OF ME THAT EASY,” Gomez insisted. She continued, “I still gotta baby sit Rome!!!” As “Dancing with the Stars” fans know, Rome is Chmerkovskiy’s son with his wife, and fellow pro, Jenna Johnson.

Gomez also wrote, “Heading into the show tomorrow we gotta enjoy every moment and have fun out there. LOVE U DUDE.”

“Dancing with the Stars” fans gushed over Chmerkovskiy and Gomez in the comments section of the post. Quite a few noted their intent to vote as much as they could Tuesday night, while others acknowledged their worries the pair might think they were going to be eliminated.

“Why does this sound like a goodbye post,” one fan questioned.

“I thought so too. I hope it’s not,” added another fan.

“Wait right??? And xochitl’s comment??? That like sealed it for me, I’m scared now,” concurred another supporter of the pair.

“@valentin has been the happiest I’ve seen him while on DWTS. You guys are so fun to watch and I can’t wait to see you [bring] that mirror ball home,” gushed someone else.

“@valentin I have enjoyed watching you dance every season with all your partners… why oh why does this sound like a ‘this is my last season’ post,” a concerned follower commented.

A separate comment read, “@valentin @_xochitl.gomez you guys are not done yet!! Voting non stop tomorow you have next week too! And @valentin your lil Rome needs a mirror ball still!!”