Geoff Green: Missing Woman’s Husband Said She Died Then Changed His Story

Angela Green

Twitter Angela Green; the Green home during a search warrant

In July 2019, Geoff Green of Prairie Village, Kansas, told his daughter Ellie that her mother had died of a stroke in the hospital. Months later, Ellie found out there was no death certificate. Green then said her mother had left town with friends. In February 2020, Ellie filed a missing persons report for her mother, Angela Green, who is still missing to this day.

Angela Green was born and raised just outside Tianjin, in northern China. She met Geoff Green, a car salesman and mechanic, through a friend of her parents when he was on a work trip to China, Huffington Post reported. As the outlet described, the two had a yearlong courtship after their first date, often via mail, until she moved to Kansas to marry him.

Michelle Guo, Angela Green’s niece, told Heavy that she wanted to set the record straight about her aunt’s marriage to Geoff Green. “Both [Angela’s] parents were well-educated and successful professors in China. Angie aspired to be a journalist and had she stayed in China, she would have had a very bright future,” Guo explained. “Geoff did not have very much money and was not a wealthy man by any means, and Angela knew this before coming to the United States.”

Green Originally Told Family Members That Angela Died But Then Said She Left the Country

Green first told his daughter, Ellie Green, about her mother’s death on July 16, 2019. He said Angela Green had died of a stroke in the hospital. Ellie, who was 18 years old and staying with her boyfriend and his family at the time, had lunch with Green the following day. Her boyfriend’s parents asked him questions about his wife’s death but he didn’t say much, Huffington Post reported.

According to the outlet, Green didn’t know the name of the hospital where she died, he said he didn’t want a memorial service and he didn’t want Ellie to share the news with Angela Green’s family until he was ready to notify them himself, he said.

Green’s daughter respected his wishes and dealt with her grief alone until his lack of answers to her questions drove her to contact Angela Green’s family in February 2020. They were immediately suspicious and asked that she go to the state’s vital statistics office to request a death certificate. Ellie Green did so and found that there was no record of her mother’s death.

According to the Huffington Post, Angela Green’s family requested a welfare check. Ellie Green told the outlet that when police arrived, her father told them Angela had left with friends. That’s when she decided to file a missing persons’ report. While sitting in the police station, Green called and said he’d made up the story of Angela’s hospitalization and death: “I didn’t want you to think that she had run off with some stranger to do something. The truth is that she kind of disappeared.”

Ellie Green told the outlet that those were just two of his stories, but he also told her in later phone calls that he wasn’t sure where she was. Once, he said that he thought Angela may have “faked her own death to make him feel bad,” Ellie said.

Green Has Not Been Very Cooperative With the Authorities & Hired a Criminal Defense Attorney

Heavy spoke to Detective Sergeant Adam Taylor with the Prairie Village Police Department about Green and asked if he was ever considered a suspect. Taylor explained that because there’s only a missing persons’ case and not enough to “lead us to criminal charges,” Green is not a suspect. However, Taylor explained that Green has not been cooperative and “has not wanted to talk to us.”

Green hired a criminal defense attorney shortly after the missing persons’ report was filed, Ellie said. Heavy reached out to his attorney, Paul Cramm, but did not hear back in time for publication.

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