Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Spoilers: Did Two Leads Get Together?

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers

ABC "Grey's Anatomy" stars Camilla Luddington as Josephine Karev.

Grey’s Anatomy season 17 premiered on Thursday, November 12 during a three-hour crossover event with Station 19. During the episode, fans were shocked to see a flashback of two of the show’s stars kissing!

Beware of MAJOR spoilers below.

Twenty minutes into the Grey’s Anatomy premiere episode, it was revealed that main characters Jo Karev and Jackson Avery hooked up in a flashback, before the beginning of their current COVID-19-driven storyline. Here’s how it all went down:

Jo Asked Jackson to Be Her ‘Bridge’ to Help Her Get Over Her Ended Marriage to Alex Karev

A brief flashback, triggered after Jo and Jackson shared a meaningful glance while working together on a patient, showed the two kissing each other in Jackson’s home. The moment was left as a cliffhanger for the undoubtedly surprised viewers at home before cutting to a commercial break.

A second flashback explained how the two ended up getting together – Jo asked Jackson to have sex with her as a favor, to help her get over her ex-husband, Alex Karev, who left unexpectedly last season. She explained that she needed a rebound, but wanted it to be with someone who she trusted and was safe (and wouldn’t kill her in her sleep, she added).

In the present-day storyline, as Jo and Jackson work together to save their burn victim patient, it’s clear that something went wrong between them as their interactions toward one another remain short and cold.

Another flashback showed the night Jo and Jackson planned to get together. She arrived, casually dressed and already drinking, for a hookup, while Jackson had set up his apartment with wine, cheese, candles, and music, expecting a more formal date. Clarifying that the night was just meant to be a “bridge” for Jo, and not a start to dating, they kissed briefly before Jo began to cry. Though she said she wanted to power through it, Jackson stopped it from progressing further.

Jackson finally confronted Jo in the present-day, apologizing for whatever he did to make her mad at him. She explained that she wasn’t mad at him, she was humiliating for crying “into his mouth.” They reconciled their friendship, agreeing that Jo tried to be ready for something she wasn’t ready for.

Jackson & Vic Broke Up After She Panicked Meeting His Daughter Harriet

If the news of Jo and Jackson’s short-lived fling surprises you, perhaps it’s because, at the end of season 16, Jackson was very much together with Station 19‘s Vic.

At the start of the episode, in a flashback to pre-coronavirus times in Seattle for the show and its characters, Jackson was feeding his daughter Harriet when he heard someone at the door. Holding Harriet, he answered to find Vic wearing nothing but her puffer coat. She flashed him, be for realizing that he was not at the door alone.

While Jackson invited her in and was unphased by the exchange, it panicked Vic. She told him that she wasn’t a “stepmom,” and said it was all happening too fast. She awkwardly told Harriet it was nice to meet her before leaving.

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 17 air on Thursday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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