Alicia Witt Honestly Answers Fan: ‘Will We See You in More Hallmark Movies?’

Alicia Witt

Hallmark Alicia Witt

Many Hallmark viewers have noticed that Alicia Witt hasn’t been on the network recently. When a fan asked her what happened and if she would be returning, she shared an honest response.

Witt Said She Would Love to Make More Movies for Hallmark

A fan asked Witt in December if she would be making any more Hallmark movies soon, writing: “Dear Alicia, will we see you in more @hallmarkchannel @Hallmark movies? I’m watching Christmas Tree Lane, which I recorded when it first came out. I love this movie and hearing you sing. 🙏❤️🤗”

Witt tweeted to her that she would love to make more movies for Hallmark in the future. She hadn’t been offered anything recently, but hopes that will change soon.

She wrote: “thank you so much ❤️🥰 of the offers I’ve received over last two years, hallmark has not been among them. we’ve been in touch recently & my understanding is that it’s been an oversight, with the changes over there… i’ve always loved making them & hope to next year!🎄”

She told Melodie Boone on Twitter that she hopes to have a new Hallmark movie sometime next year.

“thank you, reverend melodie! i miss being on hallmark too – it’s been a few years, and i wasn’t sure why either! but we’ve been in touch – and hopefully we’ll make a new one for you next year ❤️🎄 merry Christmas!”

Witt Said She Has New Movies Premiering in 2023

Witt may not have Hallmark movies lined up just yet, but she does have other filming planned for 2023. When another fan, John Hostovich, said he missed seeing her in movies and just watched “The Last Holiday” for the seventh time, Witt replied that she had new movies planned for the new year.

She wrote: “I love that one too – so proud to be a part of it. I’ve got a number of new movies coming up next year. :-)”

According to IMDb, Witt’s last Hallmark movie was “Christmas Tree Lane” in 2020.

She starred opposite Andrew Walker in the film. The movie was filmed in Utah, and it was the first Hallmark movie to be filmed in the U.S. following the pandemic shutdown.

Witt told Media Village: “That final night we filmed, and the sun started coming up, there were a lot of tears. Kind of a Christmas miracle. It felt so emotional that we’d made this.”

Since then, Witt has starred as Wren in “Modern Persuasion,” as Rachel in “Alice” (a crime thriller that premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival), as Liz in “The Disappearance of Cari Farver” on Lifetime, and as Maggie in two episodes of “Stargirl” on the CW. She’s also starring as Mother in the upcoming movie “Fuzzy Head.”

Witt received an HER2 breast cancer diagnosis in November of last year, and had her first six rounds of chemotherapy last December. She had a unilateral mastectomy, and her tissue and blood tested negative for remaining traces of disease.

She wrote on Facebook: “if i can help just one person to be less scared, to be more informed, to go through this feeling less alone – i want to.”

This month, she had breast reconstruction surgery. Witt shared on Instagram that her doctor had given her a “gold ⭐️.” In a previous post, she revealed that she was undergoing S-GAP reconstruction surgery in New Orleans. She said everything went beautifully and she couldn’t be more thankful.

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