Alicia Witt Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis & Recent Mastectomy

Getty Alicia Witt

Hallmark star Alicia Witt recently opened up on social media about her breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and unilateral mastectomy. She had her first round of chemotherapy just a few weeks before her parents’ deaths.

She Received the Diagnosis on November 4

In a social media post, Witt shared that she received her diagnosis on November 4, when she was leaving for a friend’s birthday party. She had a biopsy at the end of October after a 14-city album and book release tour. Multiple doctors had told her the lump she found was “likely nothing to worry about.”

She wrote, “everything else came to a grinding halt as i began a crash course on all i would need to learn. meeting incredible doctors, exploring both traditional and holistic therapies, getting further diagnostics to understand and to confirm the scope of what needed to be healed.”

She shared that she had received a HER2 breast cancer diagnosis. According to, breast cancers with these proteins may grow and spread faster, but also respond better to treatment if the drugs used target the HER2 protein.

Witt also shared that her grandmother on her dad’s side also had breast cancer but didn’t survive the diagnosis.

She Had Her First Round of Chemotherapy on December 1, Just Weeks Before Her Parents Died

Witt wrote that on December 1, “i had my first of 6 rounds of chemical therapy: carboplatin, doxorubicin, herceptin and perjeta. thankful to god that this diagnosis (HER2 +) is now, rather than 25 years ago, when diseased cells with this protein receptor were considered hard to treat.”

Her first chemotherapy treatment was just a few weeks before her parents, Robert and Diane Witt, were tragically found dead in their home on December 20 after she asked a family member to do a welfare check on them. The death certificates for Witt’s parents revealed that they died from “probable cardiac dysrhythmia” caused by cold exposure, and Telegram & Gazette reported.

In her social media post, Witt said her parents hadn’t let her inside their home in years and continually turned down her many offers to help, including times when she tried to convince them to move. She said she had begged and cried, asking them to let her help them move, but they always turned her down.

In her recent social media post about healing from cancer, she didn’t mention what happened to her parents. She simply wrote, “these last six months have been the absolute strangest i could ever have imagined.”

But she did offer advice to others who need chemotherapy like she did.

“i used Penguin cold caps (with the required assistance of my human angels, who tirelessly and joyfully spent 10-12 hours with me every single treatment, keeping my head frozen!) and i was able to retain enough of my hair that i could continue to work, and made several appearances/performances, without needing to divulge anything.” she wrote. “This helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel even when my brain was foggy and through weeks when i was very tired, emotionally and physically.”

She’s Had a Unilateral Mastectomy & Her Tissue & Blood Are Now Testing Negative

Witt waited to share what was happening until she had good news to share.

She wrote on Facebook: “friends, i am healing from a unilateral mastectomy. all of the tissue removed (as well as my blood) tested *negative* for any trace of remaining disease. the gratitude overrides any and all else.”

She wrote: “i did not want to share this journey until i received the good news. i needed to spend every bit of my energy focused on healing. a handful of closest soul companions were my confidantes, my lifeline and my refuge. as i’ve told them – i have no idea how i would have made it though without them.”

She added: “if i can help just one person to be less scared, to be more informed, to go through this feeling less alone – i want to.”

Witt also revealed that she took a number of natural supplements too, but only those that would not disrupt the chemical therapies.

She wrote: “i also took a number of natural supplements that would not clash with my chemical therapies, and received high dose vitamin C IVs, which i will continue to do. my herceptin/perjeta will continue through the end of the year, as is protocol. it is my conviction that conventional medical treatment, combined with the right nutrition and holistic support to compliment and not to counteract the medicine, are key both in fighting the disease, and in helping strengthen the body to withstand the harsh effects of those chemicals, and the surgeries.”

She added that she hopes her followers will get yearly mammograms, even if they don’t have the BRCA gene.

Her Followers & Friends Showered Her with Support

Many friends and followers showered her with support after her message.

Lacey Chabert wrote, “You are a warrior and will help so many by sharing your story. I’m sending you all my love.”

Stephanie Gerard replied, “❤️🙌 my mom had breast cancer a couple of years ago and it was the most difficult thing we’ve ever lived. I was by her side all the time and went through 8 chemos, 3 surgeries, 30 radiations and thankfully she’s ok now! You’re so strong and amazing. Thank you for sharing this.”

Steven Ogg wrote, “Sending tons of love!!!”

Lindy Booth wrote, “sending love and wishes for continued healing.”

Ariane Rinehart replied, “You’ve been through so much this year! I’m so glad to hear the good news, and that you have such a strong support network around you. Thank you for sharing with us. Sending so much love to you 💕”

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