Hallmark’s Christmas Tree Lane Filming Location Was ‘Christmas Miracle’

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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ first new Christmas movie premieres on October 24: Christmas Tree Lane, starring Alicia Witt and Andrew Walker. But where was Christmas Tree Lane filmed? The movie actually set a lot of firsts for Hallmark in a COVID-19 world, and Witt referred to wrapping up production as a “Christmas miracle.” Read on for details, to see behind-the-scenes photos, and to learn about the filming.

Christmas Tree Lane first premieres on October 24 at 10 p.m. Eastern/9 p.m. Central. It reairs many times this season.

The synopsis for the new movie reads: “Music store owner Meg spearheads community efforts to save her street from demolition. She’s shocked to find out that the man she’s falling for is actually working for the company Meg’s fighting.”

‘Christmas Tree Lane’ Was Filmed in Utah

Unlike many Hallmark movies that filmed in Canada, Christmas Tree Lane actually filmed in Utah. Filming started in Payson and Provo, Utah, in late June, Witt shared on Twitter. At one point the title was also called Christmas Music Store.

Heidi Scott shared on Facebook that she was a shopkeeper in the film.

She shared this photo during filming in July:

Someone who lives in the area also shared a behind-the-scenes photo on Reddit.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Currently being Film from christmas

They shared more photos in this gallery:

Hallmark Christmas Movie

Redditor BLB99 said it was in the low-to-mid-80s when they filmed and sunny. But when they filmed at night, it was in the 50s. The photos in the gallery above are from Payson, Utah.

Brian Carlson shared a peek inside his trailer during filming.

It Was the First Hallmark Movie To Film in the U.S. After the Pandemic Shutdown

Drake Hogestyn, who stars in the movie, shared on Twitter that they were able to film safely even during the pandemic.

Alicia Witt told Media Village that this was the first Hallmark movie to film go into production in the U.S. after the COVID-19 shutdown. She said they had to film before SAG-AFTRA had its protocols in place, so they were creating a lot of blueprints themselves.

She said: “That final night we filmed, and the sun started coming up, there were a lot of tears. Kind of a Christmas miracle. It felt so emotional that we’d made this.”

Utah had very few cases when they filmed, which helped. But the state was surging by the time they finished, she said.

Witt shared some additional behind-the-scenes photos from filming on Twitter.

Witt told Parade about the movie: “Seeing this story through from the initial idea, developing it with the amazing executives at Hallmark and turning this into a finished movie has been a dream. I’m so proud of what we created and the songwriter aspects of the story are deeply personal to me, as well.  I’m thrilled to get to share two of my original songs, and I wrote one of them, ‘Christmas Will Never End,’ especially for this movie. We need joy and light more than ever before, so my heart is deeply grateful that we can put this movie out into the world this holiday season.”

Witt has been in numerous Hallmark movies before this latest one. She starred in Our Christmas Love SongThe Mistletoe Inn, Honeysuckle Laneand more.

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