Hallmark’s Not Filming ‘Charlie’s Snow Angels’ With ‘3 Wise Men’ Cast — ‘Yet’

Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell, Andrew Walker

Heavy/Hallmark Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell, Andrew Walker in the 2022 Hallmark hit "Three Wise Men and a Baby"

Fans went wild when Hallmark star Andrew Walker recently shared a movie poster on social media for a film purportedly starring him, Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell and Nikki DeLoach called “Charlie’s Snow Angels.” The possibility of a reunion for the “Three Wise Men and a Baby” cast alongside fan favorite DeLoach sent fans into a frenzy, with many begging Walker to let them know if it was a real project in the works — and, if not, to make it so.

Walker set the record straight in a recent interview with Heavy, explaining that the movie poster was just a spoof, but that he’d love to see the concept — which was originally DeLoach’s idea — become an actual movie.

“It’s not happening — yet,” Walker said, adding that he’s excited to see whether Hallmark acts on fans’ overwhelming response and that he’s confident network execs are strategizing about how best to reunite the “Three Wise Men” cast onscreen. Here’s what you need to know:

Hallmark Fans Go Wild for ‘Charlie’s Snow Angels’ Concept

While attending the Christmas Con fan convention in Kansas City, Walker uploaded a spoof movie poster for “Charlie’s Snow Angels” on June 9, 2023 — which was his 44th birthday. The image features DeLoach with her Louboutin heels up on her desk as the “Three Wise Men” stars pose behind her in matching holiday sweaters. Above them, the tagline reads, “With these angels around, she’ll need a miracle.”

“On my birthday and first day of #christmascon I give you this gift… from @the_slush,” Walker captioned the post. “Love you all and thank you for all the wishes. 😘”

Many fans assumed the professionally-designed movie poster was touting a real movie, especially after DeLoach commented and shared it in her Instagram Stories, writing, “Cannot wait for everyone to see our movie!”

But the movie poster, Walker told Heavy, was actually created by award-winning designer and creative director Rick Slusher after DeLoach suggested the concept during another ChristmasCon weekend last December. Slusher is married to Breanne Heldman, a People magazine editor who moderated a panel discussion at the event with Walker, Hynes, Campbell, and DeLoach.

“Three Wise Men and a Baby” premiered on November 22 and by the time fans gathered at ChristmasCon, it was already a huge hit, becoming the most-watched movie across all cable TV in 2022. When Heldman asked the audience if they wanted a sequel, Walker recalled, the crowd roared with applause.

Walker told Heavy, “Nikki took the mic and she goes, ‘I have an idea!’ ‘Cause Paul said, you know, ‘It’s really tough for us to live up to the expectations that the first one had and sequels never really hit like the first one. So we’re a bit stuck on, you know, if we were asked to do another ‘Three Wise Men,’ what would it be?'”

“And Nikki’s the one that came up with this concept,” Walker continued. “She goes, ‘Well guys, I need to be part of the next one. So maybe we do ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and I’m Charlie!'”

Slusher “took that and ran with it,” Walker said, “and his body is … the hands and then he just superimposed our faces on his body. But that movie is not happening — yet. We’ll see if Hallmark responds to the response.”

“I’d like to see it actually,” Walker added. “Like us saving Christmas or something?”

The fan response to the movie poster was swift and loud with over 1,200 fans commenting, including many who begged Walker for confirmation that it was real.

One wrote, “Please tell me this will be a real movie 🙏🏻 the four of you = pure magic!!!”

Another commented, “There is now an empty spot in my soul until this becomes a reality. 😂😍”

“This better be a real movie or someone better start writing it,” another fan wrote.

Many others assumed the movie is already a done deal and celebrated having a new Christmas movie to look forward to.

“Can’t wait,” one wrote. “This has got to be awesome. What a cast. 4 of Hallmark’s Greatest.”

Andrew Walker Says Success of ‘Three Wise Men’ Opens Up ‘Whole New World’ of Possibilities

The current writers’ strike and potential SAG-AFTRA strike among actors may make a reunion of the “Three Wise Men” cast for a 2023 Christmas movie particularly difficult, Walker told Heavy. The hit movie was co-written by Campbell and Kimberley Sustad, who also appeared in the film, but they were asked to develop the script more than a year before it aired, he said, noting how much he admires Campbell and Sustad as a writing team.

“They’re brilliant minds,” Walker said. “I always say that Paul is the John Cleese of Hallmark. And Kimberley is this powerhouse of a woman that is so real — it’s difficult to find an actress that wears her vulnerability on her sleeve the way she does. She carries herself with such strength but she’s also not afraid to show her cracks, so it’s just the perfect dynamic because she writes the emotional scenes and Paul writes all the humor.”

Even if a 2023 Christmas movie isn’t in the cards, Walker said he’s confident the team will reunite in some way.

“The numbers don’t lie,” he told Heavy, pointing out that when Hallmark’s “Wedding Veil” series generated huge ratings in early 2022, Hallmark moved swiftly to expand the franchise with three more movies in the spring of 2023, reuniting Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney and Autumn Reeser.

“They’re gonna strategize and maybe put something together,” Walker said, adding how grateful he is for the onscreen and offscreen chemistry between him, Hynes, Campbell, and Sustad as well as DeLoach, with whom he co-stars in the “Curious Caterer” mystery franchise.

“We hang out together all the time,” he said. “This dynamic of Paul, Tyler, myself and Kimberley in the ‘Three Wise Men’ world right now, there’s a chemistry and an understanding. We’re just so different in, like, our animalistic qualities of who we are and how we carry (ourselves), but somehow we just work. I love spending time with them. They’re just such — I appreciate how smart they are and their sense of humor.”

“Paul can bring down a room, like he is just so funny,” Walker continued. “And then Tyler with his understated ‘Mr. Cool Guy’ thing that he does. It’s just incredible and so funny. I feel so fortunate that we found this in each other now. It’s amazing. It opens up a whole new world for us, you know? And I’m not just saying on camera but off camera, too.”

Though Walker said he doesn’t have any details yet on what Christmas movie he will star in this year, he and DeLoach recently filmed the third installment of their “Curious Caterer Mysteries” and his movie “A Safari Romance” with Brittany Bristow will premiere on August 12.

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