Erin Krakow’s Tribute Post to Tyler Hynes Hints at a New Movie

Crown Media Erin Krakow and Tyler Hynes

Erin Krakow recently posted a tribute to Tyler Hynes on Instagram, which included references to “It Was Always You” and the possibility of doing another movie with Hynes. Hynes and Krakow fans are hoping this means the two Hallmark stars will be in a movie together again soon.

She Wrote ‘Let’s Do Another,’ Followed by a Film Frames Emoji

Krakow shared a post on Instagram for Hynes’ birthday, writing: “No mushies, just emojis… 🦪🍿🥜🧈🍰🍦🍻🦪🍿🥜🧈🍰🍦🍻🦪🍿🥜🧈🍰🍦🍻🦪🍿🥜🧈🍰🍦🍻🦪🍿🥜🧈🍰🍦🍻 Let’s do another 🎞.”

The emojis in her post referenced “peanut butter cake,” which is a reference to their popular movie, “It Was Always You.” She ended the comment with a film frames emoji.

Hynes replied, “I got a 🎞 for ya ;) 🪵🪓”

Krakow replied to Hynes, writing, “Let’s go.”

Friends & Followers Joined In With Comments About Wanting to See the Stars in Another Movie Together

Of course, the stars’ followers and friends chimed in, commenting on how much they want to see the two actors starring in another movie together soon. Others also referenced how they still hope to see a sequel to “It Was Always You.”

The account @sdrt_seven_loves wrote, “don’t tease us like this. Was hoping for an announcement yesterday on my b’day that a new 🎥 was in the works. Come on you guys it is not nice to tease a Taurus (right Tahler 😂).”

Tngirlie46 wrote, “Please!! We need a new one with you two!! 🙏🏻❤️”

Hallmarkbliss replied, “you guys trying to break the internet with this?! 😏👏🏼🙌🏼.”

Hollypeterson1206 replied, “literally my year would be better if we had a sequel….”

Ceceliab77 wrote, “Yes!!! Please do another movie, series, or even a sequel….#IWAY2Forever💕💕”

Anneecarroll50 wrote, “Yes, let’s see you both in another movie together. Woodchopping included this time. You brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. Happy Birthday.”

Maj4onda wrote, “Yessss!!! When??? Pleassseee, say it’s soon!!! Oh, yeah…btw, HBD, Tyler! Have a great one! Now, RE: the Movie…. 👌👍😏.”

Jac12648 replied, “Yes please!!!! More Erin and Tyler soon. It’s been too long❤️❤️❤️.”

This isn’t the first time fans hoped the two stars were hinting at a sequel. Krakow shared a photo of the two talking on FaceTime in August and fans hoped this might lead to sequel news. The FaceTime followed up an unexpected FaceTime that Hynes had made to Krakow while he was being interviewed live at RomaDrama Live’s event in Tennessee.

Fans also noticed back then that her message referenced “It Was Always You” by using the emojis “🥜🍰” for peanut butter cake. Earlier that week, Krakow referenced the movie the same way, when joking that Hynes smelled like peanut butter cake.

In August 2021, a fan asked if there was any news of a sequel. Krakow replied: “Thanks for asking! No plans as of yet — but if that’s something you’d like, I recommend reaching out to @hallmarkchannel.” She also said that she’d be interested in starring in another movie with Hynes.

Hynes replied, “yes ma’am as u wish @erinkrakow.”

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