‘Aurora Teagarden Mysteries’ Likely Canceled, Hallmark Sources Hint

Crown Media

Although “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” isn’t officially canceled, it looks like the popular Hallmark movie series may be paused indefinitely, possibly permanently. Sources have told Variety and Us Weekly that there are no plans to make any new movies for the series.

A Crown Media Sources Said There Are No Plans for New Movies

An unnamed representative of Crown Media told Us Weekly that while existing “Aurora Teagarden” movies will still air, they have “no plans for new ones.”

Meanwhile, Variety reported that “multiple sources” told them that there are no new plans for any additional “Aurora Teagarden” films.

Hallmark has not officially announced that the series is canceled yet, and Bure has not made any specific statements related to the future of Aurora.

The only official statement Crown Media has made so far was telling Variety: “Crown Media has enjoyed over 10 years of collaboration with Candace. We respect her decision and thank her for her many contributions.”

It’s Not Clear If Bure Is Exclusive with GAC Media

Another question is whether Bure is exclusive with GAC Media or not. TV Line reported that they heard Bure’s deal was exclusive to rom-coms and holiday movies only. However, Heavy cannot confirm whether she has any exclusivity. In a different article, TV Line reported that Bure was not exclusive to GAC, but she would not appear in any holiday programs on other networks this year.

When Heavy reached out to GAC Media to confirm whether or not Bure’s contract was exclusive, GAC Media did not provide any confirmation. A representative told Heavy, instead, that Bure’s executive role with GAC Media involving curating content is the most important part of her announcement.

According to a press release from GAC Media that was sent to Heavy, Bure will develop, star, and produce movies for both channels.

The press release described Bure as taking on “a prominent executive role at the company to oversee and curate programming for the networks as a whole.” A big part of her role will involve creating “year-round seasonal celebration content for the networks” along with playing “a key role in the company’s annual Great American Christmas franchise.”

Danica McKellar Is Only Exclusive with GAC for Rom-Coms & Christmas Movies

Danica McKellar has an exclusive contract with GAC Media that covers rom-com movies and holiday movies. As Heavy previously reported, McKellar has said that she would be happy to return to Hallmark to make more “MatchMaker Mystery” movies.

When she was asked about her mystery movies on Twitter, McKellar wrote, “They decided to stop making them last summer, along with many others! 🤷‍♀️ Let them know how you feel; I’d love to make more mysteries – alot of us would. 🤗.”

The Resident Rulebreakers Podcast, co-hosted by Camille Bonus of the Hallmark Heartbeats podcast, asked for clarification about her exclusivity.

McKellar replied: “Hi! I love many people in front of and behind the camera at both networks… and I’m only exclusive with GAC for rom-coms and Christmas movies. Hope you are having a nice night!”

In short, while “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” is not officially canceled by Crown Media, all indications currently point to the series being over.

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