Jocelyn Hudon Reveals If Grace Is Returning to ‘When Hope Calls’ Season 2

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Jocelyn Hudon and Morgan Kohan were the lead actors for Hallmark’s “When Hope Calls” season 1, portraying sisters Grace and Lillian. Their characters introduced the spinoff by appearing on “When Calls the Heart” before the new series began airing on Hallmark’s streaming service. Now that the series is moving to GAC Family, fans are wondering if Grace and Lillian are returning to the show too. Hudon has officially revealed Grace’s fate for the second season of the series.

Jocelyn Hudon Said Grace Will Not Be Part of ‘When Hope Calls’ Season 2

When fans asked Hudon on her Instagram account if she would be returning to “When Hope Calls” for the second season, Hudon revealed that she would not. The question came after she posted a photo to Instagram on the set of a different production. She shared the photo on the same day that the announcement was made that the series would air on GAC Family.

A fan asked Hudon: “You will be returning to WHC as Grace in S2 wont you???”

Hudon replied twice, writing:

hi! I’m on an action feature film rn :)

nope on an action movie rn :) 💃🏼💃🏼

Hudon explained that because she’s busy filming an action movie right now, her character Grace won’t be able to be part of “When Hope Calls” season 2.


This doesn’t mean that Grace will never return to the series, but she won’t be around for the second season. Grace was in all 10 episodes of “When Hope Calls” in season 1, along with Lillian.


Hudon gave the same answer to another fan who asked on Instagram, writing: “No I won’t be.”

According to IMDb, Hudon will star in the movie “Riptide,” which is in pre-production. Val Kilmer, Henry Thomas, Jana Kramer, Chace Crawford, and others will be starring. However, it’s not known if that’s the production that Hudon is working on now. When a fan asked “When will we know what you are working on,” Hudon simply replied: “🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️.”

Morgan Kohan Will Return as Lillian

Fans were wondering about Grace’s fate because her name was conspicuously missing from the synopses for the first two episodes of season 2. Lillian’s name, however, was prominent in the descriptions, so fans already knew that Morgan Kohan was returning.

The first two episodes will air back-to-back on GAC Family on December 18. You can learn how to watch GAC Family on TV in Heavy’s story here.

The synopsis for Episode 1 reads:

In the World Premiere of When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas, Part 1, a Christmas festival worthy of Harper’s Bazaar happens in Brookfield as the community is one of three contenders in the magazine’s search for America’s #1 Country Christmas Town. The entire town is preoccupied with creating the essence of Christmas for the photojournalist’s lens, though, behind the scenes, residents are not living the spiritof the season. In the midst of the fuss, a stagecoach appears, and out steps Abigail Stanton and her son, Cody who have brought a troubled boy to Lillian’s orphanage.

The synopsis for Episode 2 reads:

In the World Premiere of When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas, Part 2, photojournalist Paul Franklin is wrapping his research on the community of Brookfield as a contender for America’s #1 Country Christmas Town. By now, Paul blends in as the town prepares for Christmas Eve. Lillian, the orphans, and Gabriel are running out of options to restore the troubled boy’s hope for better times. Just when all seems lost, a secret Santa appears to fulfill all holiday wishes, and Abigail has a profound conversation with a dear friend from the past. Meanwhile, Paul’s lens is recording every miraculous moment.

Deadline also reported that Kohan would be back for the second season.

Heavy previously reported that Lori Loughlin would be reprising her role as Abigail for season 2 of “When Hope Calls.” She was previously on “When Calls the Heart” before she was let go after the college admissions scandal.

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