Kevin McGarry Speaks Out on Hallmark’s New Direction: ‘They’re Shaking Things Up’

Kevin McGarry on "The Wedding Veil Expectations"

Hallmark Kevin McGarry on "The Wedding Veil Expectations"

Hallmark star Kevin McGarry has had some big hits on the network lately. He stars as Nathan on “When Calls the Heart” — a role that grabbed viewers’ imagination when the character was in a heated love triangle. Now he’s playing one of the lead roles in the popular movie series, “The Wedding Veil,” where he stars as Lacey Chabert’s character’s husband. McGarry sat down with a podcast recently and shared his thoughts about how Hallmark has been changing direction recently, and how he feels about the network’s future.

McGarry Said This Is a Fun Time to Work for Hallmark

In an interview with the Suspenders Unbuttoned podcast, McGarry shared his feelings about all the changes that have been happening recently at Hallmark.

“Hallmark’s starting to get… They’re shaking things up a little bit,” he said. “A lot of the different movies that came out this year, they’re really pushing against the old stereotype or, you know, the old formula. I think it’s really exciting. It’s a fun company to work for right now because they’re all ears for new ideas that are coming in right now. And they’ve had big success with them…”

One of the things the network is focusing more on right now is comedies, he said.

“They’re leaning heavy into comedy right now too,” he added. “I think they’re really trying to lean into those rom-coms, like proper rom-coms rather than just romantic movies.”

The changes make him optimistic about the network’s future.

“It’s great, it’s exciting, it’s fun to work for the company,” he said.

McGarry Recently Got Engaged

McGarry was busy filming for “The Wedding Veil Expectations” while he was also filming season 10 of “When Calls the Heart.” McGarry talked to Suspenders Unbuttoned about how intense it was to film for the two productions simultaneously.

“It was a busy month,” he said. “It was insane… We were filming the end too, so there’s a lot going on at the end of the season…”

Director Peter Benson told Suspenders Unbuttoned that McGarry traveled a lot back in forth between the two filming locations because they were filming “literally” at the same time. “When Calls the Heart” was in Vancouver, while “Expectations” was in Victoria, Canada.

(There were some) very tight moments with getting Kevin on those planes. I don’t think he slept the whole time,” Benson said.

Then shortly after both the movie and the series wrapped, McGarry got engaged to fellow Hearties co-star, Kayla Wallace.

Wallace shared the announcement on December 23 with a video.

Erin Krakow, “When Calls the Heart” co-star, wrote: “Our forever friends found their forever ❤️❤️! So happy for you both! Still haven’t recovered from this beautiful moment! 🥂🥂”

HallmarkiesCaroline3 asked Krakow if she had filmed the engagement video, and Krakow replied: “😉.”

Krakow and Ben Rosenbaum (who portrays Mike Hickam on “When Calls the Heart”) are close friends with Wallace and McGarry, often sharing photos from trips they take together, such as the photo below. Krakow recently shared that she adopted a puppy with Rosenbaum.

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