Jonathan Bennett Says Lacey Chabert Called Him Out for Being Rude

Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Bennett

Heavy/Getty Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Bennett

Longtime Hallmark stars Lacey Chabert, 41, and Jonathan Bennett, 42, are such close friends that she’s not afraid to scold the actor when he’s being rude. In fact, he told Us Weekly, she once called him out over his poor phone etiquette.

In a list of little-known facts about Bennett that he shared with the magazine on November 11, 2023, he revealed that Chabert set him straight once after he hung up on her.

“I never say goodbye on the phone,” Bennett said. “I just hang up because I’m done with the conversation. One time, Lacey Chabert called me back and told me I had to start saying goodbye and that I couldn’t just hang up anymore.”

Though some of Bennett’s quirky habits, like the ones he revealed to Us Weekly, may irk Chabert at times, their friendship’s still going strong after all these years.

Jonathan Bennett Recently Called Lacey Chabert a ‘National Treasure’

Bennett routinely gushes over Chabert and their friendship, telling Access in 2020 that he considers her one of his “angels on earth.” On her birthday in September, he paid tribute to Chabert on Instagram, calling her “America’s #1 National Treasure.”

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you in my life, but I’m beyond grateful that you’re in it,” he wrote alongside a series of photos of them together over the years. “There is a comfort between us that can never be broken, and I will forever continue to spend my days trying to embarrass you as much as possible. Because…friendship 😁 (see pic 5) Happy Birthday to America’s #1 National Treasure.”

Chabert replied, “I don’t even have words for these pictures! Back in the era when I thought it was a good idea to cut my own bangs 😂 Thank you for this. I love you ❤️”

Bennett loves to push Chabert to try new things and have a little fun, as evidenced in an Instagram video they posted in January 2023 while hanging with Hallmark colleagues in Utah. With Chabert giggling and worried about his idea of falling backwards into a snowbank with him, Bennett convinced her everything would be fine.

He captioned the video, “This is what 19 years of friendship looks like, me convincing her it’s a ‘good idea’…🤣❤️”

In December 2022, Bennett told The List that while he’d be happy to film a Christmas movie with any of his “Mean Girls” co-stars, Chabert is his dream Christmas co-star.

“I’m praying and waiting for the day that Lacey Chabert and I get to reunite on camera in a Christmas movie,” he said.

That won’t happen this year, though, since Hallmark reunited Chabert with her former “Party of Five” co-star Scott Wolf for their November 18th movie “A Merry Scottish Christmas.” She’ll also star in “Haul Out the Holly 2,” premiering on November 25, while Bennett appears in “Christmas on Cherry Lane,” premiering on December 9.

Jonathan Bennett Revealed Some of His Unique Habits & Quirks

It’s a good thing Bennett and Chabert’s bond is so strong, because Bennett revealed to Us Weekly that he’s got some pretty interesting quirks, putting his self-deprecating humor on full display as he shared 25 little-known facts about himself with the magazine.

For example, Bennett admitted, “I have an obsession with popping zits and can’t not pop one if I see one.”

“If you say a joke and no one laughs,” Bennett also revealed, “I will steal it and say it louder to try and get the laugh.”

And if he’s going out on the town with friends, Bennett told Us Weekly, he will “pretend to be car sick 99.99 percent of the time so I can always ride shotgun.”

Thankfully, Bennett found his perfect match in his husband of nearly two years, Jaymes Vaughan, who is forgiving of the actor’s propensity for standing up at dinner to tell a story or leaving “dozens of half-drunk cans all over the house,” both traits Bennett also shared with Us Weekly.

The couple often lovingly pokes fun at each other on Instagram, such as a September video Vaughan posted with “Tips for Travelling With Husbands Who Act Like Children,” featuring funny footage of Bennett bouncing a ball through the airport.

Bennett also has plenty of other friends, including lots of Hallmark colleagues, who love him just the way he is. “Never Been Chris’d” star Tyler Hynes, for example, visited Bennett on the set of his Food Network show, “Halloween Wars,” and posted a photo and tribute to him on October 3.

“This is a rare and beautiful man,” Hynes wrote. “The breadth of his talents we’ve only seen the beginning of, and he already does it all.”

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