Lacey Chabert & Kristoffer Polaha Surprise Fans With First Movie Together

Kristoffer Polaha, Lacey Chabert

Heavy/Hallmark Kristoffer Polaha and Lacey Chabert will team up for the first time in a 2024 Hallmark Christmas movie

Beloved Hallmark stars Lacey Chabert and Kristoffer Polaha thrilled fans on April 16, 2024, with the surprise news that they’ve teamed up for their first movie together.

“The Christmas Quest” will be a “thrilling adventure romance,” according to a Hallmark Media press release, and will premiere during Hallmark Channel’s 15th annual “Countdown to Christmas,” which typically kicks off in October.

Polaha and Chabert each starred in Hallmark’s biggest hits of the 2023 holiday season. So, pairing them in a movie is a blockbuster move that has their fans — and even their Hallmark colleagues — jumping for joy on social media.

Kristoffer Polaha & Lacey Chabert Posted Surprise Movie Teaser at the Same Time

“The Christmas Quest” was filmed in Iceland, according to Hallmark’s press materials. On April 16, both stars posted a teaser video to their social media accounts, appearing as themselves as they pretended to run into each other inside what looked to be an icy cave as music swelled in the background.

“Hey,” Chabert smiled as she emerged from a tunnel.

“Well, hi Lacey,” Polaha beamed as he entered from the other side. “You know, this would be a really cool place to film a Hallmark Christmas movie, wouldn’t it?”

As the camera zoomed in on Chabert, she nodded and said happily, “Really cool.”

Polaha chuckled and said, “C’mon,” as they walked off together.

‘The Christmas Quest’ Producers Say Movie is ‘Unlike Anything the Hallmark Audience Has Seen to Date’

Chabert and Polaha both tagged Synthetic Cinema International, which is the production company behind a plethora of Hallmark movies, per IMDb, including the smash holiday hits both actors starred in last year —  Polaha’s “A Biltmore Christmas” co-starring Bethany Joy Lenz and Chabert’s “A Merry Scottish Christmas,” which reunited her with “Party of Five” co-star Scott Wolf and became the most-watched cable movie of 2023.

On April 17, Synthetic’s Instagram account shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of “The Christmas Quest” as well as “The Finnish Line,” another recently-announced Hallmark Christmas movie starring Beau Mirchoff and Kim Matula, which was also filmed in the Arctic Circle.

In the caption, Synthetic wrote, “Grateful beyond words to the incredibly talented Icelandic, Finnish and American film crews who brought two magical Christmas movies to life! Your talent and dedication have created something special, unlike anything the Hallmark audience has seen to date – 🤯”

According to Hallmark, Chabert serves as one of four executive producers on “The Christmas Question,” which was written by Marcy Holland — the screenwriter behind “A Biltmore Christmas” among many other Hallmark movies, per IMDb.

In Polaha and Chabert’s video post, they also tagged director Dustin Rikert in their video, who has overseen dozens of Hallmark productions and worked with both Polaha and Chabert in 2023 as the director of “A Biltmore Christmas and Chabert’s comedy sequel, “Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up.”

Hallmark’s synopsis of the movie reads, “An archeologist (Chabert) and her ex-husband (Polaha), an expert in ancient Norse languages, are sent to Iceland at Christmastime to search for a legendary treasure. When others join in the hunt, the pair find themselves swept into a thrilling adventure as they race to keep it from falling into the wrong hands.”

Lacey Chabert & Kristoffer Polaha’s Announcement Makes Waves on Social Media With Fans & Colleagues

“The Christmas Quest” is Chabert’s 15th holiday Hallmark movie and Polaha seventh, according to the network. They both have made it clear they loved finally getting the chance to work together, and fans are making it clear they cannot wait to see them paired up.

On Chabert’s post, Polaha alluded to her glowing reputation by writing, “Working with you was AMAZING. I get it. I totally get it.”

Meanwhile, on Polaha’s post, Chabert wrote, “I’ve enjoyed making this movie with you so much! What an adventure!”

Rikert responded, “right back at you!” and Polaha commented, “I can’t wait for people to see this movie. They are going to LOVE it!”

Fans of the duo, including some their own Hallmark colleagues, expressed how excited they are to see the film on various Instagram posts.

Cindy Busby wrote, “Christmas will never be the same! 😍🔥🎄”

Will Kemp, Chabert’s “Dancing Detective” mystery franchise co-star, commented, “You two together?! Too much fun! 👏❄️”

Polaha responded to him by writing, “I’ve got big shoes to fill. And I can’t dance like you!!!”

Paul Campbell coined a moniker for the two actors, writing, “ChaLaha for the win!”

Chabert’s “Wedding Veil” co-star Autumn Reeser wrote, “Look at you two cuties ❄️”

News of Chabert and Polaha’s pairing thrilled their fans, many of whom said their own countdowns to Christmas have now begun because they can hardly wait to see the finished product.

One person wrote, “WOW!!! YAY!!!!!!! I’ve wondered when you two would be in a movie together!! And a Christmas movie!!! I can already tell it’ll become my new favorite Christmas movie! SO excited! Can’t wait! Will being countdown now…. 🎄🎥🥰❤️”

“Oh! Two of my absolute favs! Can not wait,” another fan wrote.

Another Hallmarkie commented, “Hallmark Royalty in the same movie? This is going to break cable!!!”