Hallmark Channel Star Graduates From College at 35: ‘I Finally Did It’


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Acting since he was 13, Hallmark star Beau Mirchoff has had such a successful career in Hollywood that he never needed to go to college. But that hasn’t stopped the actor, now 35, from wanting to earn a degree.

On April 9, 2024, Mirchoff celebrated on Instagram that he’s “finally” finished college. The actor posted an email from Oregon State University, congratulating him on earning his Bachelor of Science degree.

Multiple Hallmark stars cheered on Mirchoff after he shared the letter from the Office of the Registrar, dated April 8, which read, “Congratulations! You have earned your Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon State University, effective March 22, 2024. We wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your momentous achievement. We are proud to call you an Oregon State University alumnus.”

Mirchoff, who also just wrapped filming a new Hallmark holiday movie, wrote, “I FINALLY DID IT! But I did just eat a bag of chips for breakfast so did I really learn anything?”

Beau Mirchoff Says He’ll Continue Acting Post-College, But Also Hopes to Work in Science

Hunter King, Beau Mirchoff

HallmarkHunter King and Beau Mirchoff in Hallmark’s “Hidden Gems”

Mirchoff was born in Seattle and raised on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, according to Hallmark, but the “Awkward” and “Desperate Housewives” alum didn’t need to be in the Pacific Northwest to attend Oregon State University.

The school consistently ranks among U.S. World and News Report’s top 10 online Bachelor’s degree programs, which allowed Mirchoff to study from his home in Los Angeles and while traveling for acting roles, from Hallmark movies to the Freeform series “Good Trouble.”

In 2016, Mirchoff told Composure magazine that after he graduated from high school, he majored in biology for a year before taking a six-week acting job in Bulgaria. Though he brought his text book along, Mirchoff said he didn’t open it once — an indication that earning his degree while keeping up his acting career could take a while.

By May 2023, while promoting his starring role in Hallmark’s 2023 series “Ride,” Mirchoff told Young Entertainment Mag (YEM) that he was close to his goal; he had four classes left before earning his degree in Environmental Science, adding that he was studying whenever he wasn’t filming.

“I get up, I read usually 50 pages of something,” Mirchoff shared. “And then I go to the gym, or I write or do work. I’ve been going to school, so I do school every day. I go to the gym, take a cold shower, play guitar, and do school.”

“I’m (still) gonna act,” Mirchoff told YEM. “But I would love to do science in maybe my off time, or make films and content about science. I’ve got a couple things in the works, actually, but we’ll see what happens.”

“I just love learning,” Mirchoff continued. “I love science and nature and the natural world, and I find it fascinating.”

Mirchoff has been able to leverage his love of nature and science in his various Hallmark Channel roles, from playing a sailor and scuba diver in Hawaii for 2022’s “Hidden Gems” to communing with horses (he and his fiancée own two of their own, according to Horse Nation) in the ranching drama “Ride.”

Meanwhile, Hallmark announced in March that Mirchoff was in the Arctic Circle with Kim Matula to film a dog-sledding holiday movie called “A Finnish Christmas,” set to premiere during the network’s 2024 Countdown to Christmas.

Hallmark Stars Celebrate Beau Mirchoff’s College Graduation

Though fans may not have been aware Mirchoff was working so hard toward earning his college degree, it’s clear many of his Hallmark colleagues were as they filled his celebratory post with sweet notes of congratulations.

Hallmark regular Nikki DeLoach, who co-starred with Mirchoff on MTV’s teen comedy-drama “Awkward” from 2011 to 2016, wrote, “Ahhh Beau I’m so proud of you and happy for you!! Such a huge accomplishment to get your degree the way you did. It’s hard to stick with it. But you did it!!!”

Nancy Travis, who played his mom on “Ride,” commented, “Woohoo! Congrats. And every degree should be about finishing a big bag of chips!”

Sara Alicia Garcia, Mirchoff’s “Ride” co-star, commented, “Heeeweeyyyyyyyyyy!!!! 🙌🙌”

“Letters to Santa” star Katie Leclerc, who co-starred with Mirchoff in the 2017 streaming comedy “Party Boat,” wrote, “👏👏👏👏 finally!! 😂” and Mirchoff replied to her with a crying-with-laughter emoji.

Adorably, Mirchoff’s mom, Kelley Mirchoff, also commented on his post, writing, “You did it Beau!! Papa and I are very proud of you honey❤️❤️❤️”