Lori Loughlin Filming New Movie: She’s ‘America’s Sweetheart,’ GAF Exec Shares

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After the college admissions scandal, Lori Loughlin’s roles on Hallmark were dropped. The network has quietly brought her back in a limited fashion, but competitor Great American Media is also interested in the star. Loughlin was recently given permission to film a new project in Canada, and it turns out that the movie is a film for Great American Family. Here are all the details you need to know.

She’s Starring in ‘Fall Into Winter’

According to a press release sent to Heavy from Great American Media, Loughlin is starring in a new film called “Fall Into Winter.” The movie will premiere in January 2023, after the network’s Christmas slate of films has wrapped up.

The synopsis reads: “Keely (Loughlin) is aghast when her brother sells his half of their family-owned, upscale candy shop to his best friend from high school (and her nemesis, Brooks) forcing a sudden urgency to find connection and common ground. Keely has been hurt before; change is her new nemesis. Brooks’ past is a mirror of Keely’s. He, too, has a fortress around his heart. Fate brings the pair together. Might it also offer new beginnings?”

Bill Abbott, president and CEO of Great American Media, said about the new movie: “Lori is a genre-defining star that I have had the honor to call a close friend and collaborator for more than 15 years. We have a shared vision for creating meaningful and memorable movies that resonate with our passionate fans, and I look forward to welcoming her back to Great American Family to anchor our 2023 winter programming slate.”

Abbott was formerly the CEO of the Hallmark Channel.

Abbott Says Loughlin Is ‘America’s Sweetheart’

GettyLori Loughlin attends the 2018 Hallmark Channel Summer TCA.

In an interview with Variety on September 21, Abbott didn’t reveal details about Loughlin’s winter movie. Rather, he said they had some ideas and hoped she’d be a part of them.

“We talk three times a week,” he said. “We have two scripts that she really likes, one of which we’ll greenlight for this year or next year. Lori’s a good friend and somebody who we would love nothing more than to do a movie with, and we’re hopeful.”

He said he hopes Loughlin will be a face of GAF in the future, and referred to her as “America’s sweetheart.”

Abbott told Variety: “She’s America’s sweetheart, regardless of whatever happened. At the end of the day, she represents all that is positive about entertainment, and has had a stellar career — not only on screen, but also the way she’s conducted herself personally, in terms of being someone who has a track record of doing the right thing in the world at large, aside from whatever happened. She’s beloved and for good reason. We’re very proud of our association with her and want to make her part of the fabric.”

Meanwhile, she was already part of Great American Media when she appeared in some photos with other GAF stars recently.

Candace Cameron Bure shared a photo on her Instagram story with Loughlin.



And Cameron Mathison, who’s filming a movie for Great American Family, also shared a photo with Loughlin and captioned it, “Great American Christmas is coming!”



Jen Lilley shared the same photo on her Instagram page, which was partially a “Fuller House” reunion of sorts.

Lilley simply wrote, “Pinch me @gactv.”

Based on the photos, it certainly seems like Loughlin will be doing some type of project with Great American Family soon.

Loughlin Wanted to Film an Unnamed Project in Canada

A judge in the U.S. signed off on a petition allowing Lori Loughlin to travel to Canada for a new role, TMZ reported. This was revealed before her January movie was announced.

Boston Herald reported that the petition noted:

Ms. Loughlin has requested permission to travel to Canada for work-related purposes in anticipation of being offered a filming production project… Ms. Loughlin’s acceptance of the offer is contingent on the Court’s authorization; therefore, Ms. Loughlin is requesting an expedited response.

TMZ reported that the documents didn’t reveal any more details about the project or who it is for. Us Weekly reported that she would be filming for about one week.

If approved, Loughlin’s travel to Canada would overlap with the filming of “When Calls the Heart” season 10. But it appears that her project is for a new Great American Family movie.

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Julie Stirling
Julie Stirling
2 months ago

Glad to hear Lori is back. She paid for her mistake (who among us hasn’t made one?), so time to move on. Do you think there will be any more Garage Sale Mystery movies made? I know the author has written more books in the series. Thank you.

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