Paul Campbell Claps Back at Twitter ‘Trolls’

Paul Campbell

Getty Hallmark actor Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell relishes each chance he gets to flex his comedy muscle, as he did in Hallmark Channel‘s 2022 Christmas hit “Three Wise Men and a Baby.” But the actor and screenwriter has also gained a reputation for his sarcasm on social media, where he’s not afraid to poke fun at users posting unkind or confusing comments. Over the past week, fans have enjoyed witnessing Campbell humorously clap back at negative tweets about everything from upcoming Hallmark projects to drag queens.

Fellow Hallmark Star Calls Paul Campbell ‘Feisty’ on Twitter

Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell, Andrew Walker

HallmarkTyler Hynes, Paul Campbell, and Andrew Walker in the 2022 Christmas comedy “Three Wise Men and a Baby”

For years, Hallmark fans have loved Campbell as a leading man in multiple romance movies, but the Canadian actor has also become comedy gold for the network, as he’s increasingly infused humor into his characters and storylines.

It’s paying off for Campbell — and for Hallmark. “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” a comedy he co-wrote with another Hallmark fan-favorite, Kimberley Sustad, and co-starred in with Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker, premiered in November and became the most-watched cable movie of the year, per Variety.

He’s also among the most active Hallmark stars on Twitter, where he leverages his sense of humor to stand up to those who aren’t playing nice on the social media playground. Over the last week, he’s stepped in numerous times, to the delight of his fans.

His recent tweets have included snarky replies to those questioning Hallmark’s latest movie announcements. On January 31, 2023, Hallmark Media announced five new movies set to premiere in March, including a “dark comedy” co-starring Campbell and Aimee Garcia. “The Cases of Mystery Lane” will premiere March 19 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The other four March originals will feature fan-favorites like Sustad, Hynes, Kristoffer Polaha, and Brooks Darnell.

When Hallmark’s Twitter account shared a news story about the March movies, Campbell retweeted the news and most followers were thrilled. But one wrote a confusing response that caught Campbell’s eye.

The tweet said, “Same old same old. Same plots same actors. I’d love to see some of the other talented actors that have done movies before.”

On February 1, Campbell retweeted the message and wrote, “So… you’re tired of the same actors, you want the OTHER same actors. Got it!”

Over 400 people liked his response and dozens wrote supportive comments, including fellow Hallmark actor Paul Greene.

“Your my favorite feisty Twitter troll destroyer,” Greene wrote, and then quipped, “Your better than the OTHER SAME feisty Twitter troll destroyer. Breath of fresh air.”

When Campbell retweeted another news story about his upcoming mystery movie with Garcia, a different Twitter user shared their negative take, claiming that Hallmark Media has stopped producing all mystery series made prior to former CEO Bill Abbott’s 2020 departure from the network, and complaining that its current lineup of mystery movies aren’t “worthwhile.”

She wrote, “Hey Hallmark — I’m ok with new mysteries, but why on earth have you DITCHED all the series before the change in management? It’s like it’s change for the sake of change. Hardly any of the new mysteries are worthwhile — please RETHINK!!! #Sleuthers”

Campbell dryly replied, “Uh… I’m still in the room …”

The original tweeter quickly replied an hour later, “LOL! I’m not talking about you, Paul!! Love your work!” along with lots of celebratory emojis.

Campbell did provide good news to one person who wrote that she hoped Hallmark would allow his “comedic side to shine” in the new mystery movie.

He replied, “This is, unequivocally, the most comedy I have brought to a role at Hallmark to date.”

Paul Campbell Uses Humor to Clap Back at Negative Tweets on Serious Subjects, Too

Kimberley Sustad, Paul Campbell

GettyPaul Campbell with Hallmark writing partner Kimberley Sustad in 2022

Campbell has used his dry humor to broach more serious subjects on social media, too, unafraid to clap back when he thinks tweets are out of line, especially when it comes to treating all people equally and with kindness.

On January 14, for instance, he retweeted a person who randomly asked, “Would you let a drag queen babysit you kid?”

With his retweet, Campbell wrote, “If they can spell properly, I’d let just about anyone. Sorry you didn’t make the cut.”

Campbell received hundreds of likes and grateful responses, including a comment from someone who wrote, “Replies like this are why I follow you. I appreciate you.”

In 2021, when Hallmark featured a same-sex couple in the movie “Every Time a Bell Rings,” Campbell was quick to stand up to fans who were tweeting their disapproval. He issued pithy replies that many found humorous.

For instance, when someone wrote, “Thumbs down for family friendly,” Campbell clapped back, “Agreed! Thumbs down for love! Who needs it?”

The year before, in 2020, Campbell starred in “Wedding Every Weekend,” which included Hallmark’s first same-sex couple in a movie. He explained to the My Devotional Thoughts blog at the time why he thinks it’s important to speak up against “intolerance and hatred.”

“Anybody that’s arguing that celebrating love in its many forms is something that doesn’t foster family-friendly viewing or it’s something in some way, shape, or form…that’s wrong,” he said. “Those arguments are from those people who come out of a place of intolerance and hatred. And my argument comes out of a place of love and acceptance.”

Campbell continued, “I think those people that are so vocal about this and are against the changes that Hallmark is making…I think those people — on a global scale — are a very, very small minority of people that are not emotionally in the 21st century. And I think that their views are selfish and damaging, and I have no time for those dudes.”