PHOTOS: Jen Lilley Shares Adorable Family Snapshots – ‘Hearts Full’

Jen Lilley

Getty Jen Lilley attends the Salvation Army's presentation of the 2019 celebrity Red Kettle Kickoff.

GAC Family and Hallmark star Jen Lilley has built a beautiful family and her fans embrace every opportunity they receive to see how well the family is doing. Lilley and her husband, Jason Wayne, now have four children. They adopted their two sons from foster care, and they have two biological daughters as well. Their fourth child joined the family earlier this year, and it looks as if the kids have all bonded together quite well.

In May, Lilley welcomed her daughter Jacqueline “Jackie” Grace with a dramatic birth experience. Lilley told People this was a “surprise pregnancy” that ended with an “insane delivery.” She headed to the hospital without knowing whether she was really in labor, and “I had Jackie 7 minutes after pulling up to the ER,” she recalled. Now the dust has settled a bit in the family’s household, and that provided an opportunity for Lilley to share some photos with all four kids together.

Lilley & Her Family Celebrated 2 Months With Jackie

Lilley took to Instagram on July 13 to share an array of photos. In her caption, she explained they were “Celebrating 2 months of a house full of kids and hearts full of Jackie.” The first photo showed baby Jackie in the middle, wearing a large white bow over her light wisps of hair and a yellow top with floral pants. Her big sister Julie lay on a blanket next to Jackie, smiling as her big, blue eyes sparkled. Big brother Jeffrey snuggled in close to Jackie and rested one arm over her stomach as he smiled. The oldest of the crew, Kayden, was positioned upside down on the blanket, his head resting between Jackie and Julie’s heads.

It appears this is the first photo showing all four kids together that Lilley has shared as a regular post on her Instagram page, and it was certainly a keeper. The other photos Lilley added to the post showed Jackie with various combinations of her older siblings, along with a few solo shots. Each photograph showed happy, healthy kids who seemed to truly adore one another.

Colleagues & Fans Went Wild For the Photos

Naturally, Lilley’s followers swooned over the adorable snapshots. Debbie Matenopoulos commented, “Omg. My heart just melted,” while Danica McKellar posted a series of heart and smiley face emoji. “Christmas Cookie Matchup” star Emily Hutchinson wrote, “Sweetest family ever,” and a fan declared, “OH MY ABSOLUTE PRECIOUSNESS.”

Everybody gushed over the photos, with the consensus being that the kids were truly precious.

“She is so adorable, so much personality!! As are all her gorgeous brothers and sisters. Beautiful family,” shared another fan.

“Happy kids and babies are the best! Yours are all so happy and smiling! You have beautiful children!” concurred someone else.

Lilley is one of a handful of Hallmark stars who have joined GAC Family to do upcoming projects. While Lilley’s contract with GAC Media is not exclusive, she previously told fans she anticipated working solely with the GAC group for a couple of years. She explained her surprise pregnancy with Jackie played a role in making that decision, and fans will be eager to see her new projects air as they become available.

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