Posts Spark Rumors of Brendan Penny & Erin Krakow Movie

Brendan Penny & Erin Krakow

Hallmark Brendan Penny & Erin Krakow

Recent posts from Erin Krakow and Brendan Penny have sparked rumors among Hallmark viewers that the two may be starring in an upcoming movie together. As of the time of this story’s publication, neither actor had said this was happening. But many fans are hoping this will be the case. Here’s what we know so far.

Krakow Revealed She’s Filming a New Movie

First, Krakow revealed on Instagram that she’s filming a new movie. On February 4, she posted a series of photos that included a suitcase and a blurred page from a script, writing: “Time for a new adventure!”

Some fans hoped it might be a sequel to “It Was Always You.” HallmarkiesCaroline3 wrote: “Can we talk about the blurry script maam 😂👏🏻.”

Another follower, farmers_daughter60, wrote: “Hum…a film directed by Terry Ingram begins production in BC on Monday. Listed title is ‘Wedding Cottage’. What couple would be perfect for that?! Just sayin’.”

But another fan, sdrt_seven_loves, wrote: “Someone suggested that Erin is filming Wedding Cottage and mentioned Brendan Penny as her possible leading man. Just saw that Erin is now following him on IG so it looks like 1/2 the mystery has been solved!” And they added, “Looks like he is following Erin also.”

Then she shared another photo, revealing that her character likes boots.

Pascale Hutton replied, “Elizabeth?? Is that you?”

She shared another photo of her character on February 19.

Andie Macdowell from “The Way Home” replied: “Look at you like this look on you what is this for what are you up to totally different character.” Krakow commented, “🤫😉😘.”

Krakow Commented on a Photo Penny Shared About His New Movie

Brendan Penny shared a photo of himself in a trailer, working on a new project. He wrote: “Just waiting in my trailer…so I will see all of you soon.”

On February 18, Krakow simply replied, “Pretty moose.” But her comment sparked a lot of rumors and hopes from fans.

CatJoy9 wrote, “is this a hint?? 🙌❤️” and HallmarkiesCaroline3 replied, “I think so!”

Ladykays21 wrote, “So we are starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together…You are making a movie…Brendan is making a movie…and moose??? Hmmm.”

But Krakow wasn’t the only Hallmark star to reply. Brooke D’Orsay jokingly commented, “Meh. You’re alright.” Robert Buckley from “Chesapeake Shores” wrote, “DREAMBOAT ALERT!!!”

Late in 2022, Krakow wrapped filming for “When Calls the Heart” season 10, which will be premiering in late July. This is later than normal for the series, which typically begins airing in February or March. Instead, “The Way Home” is airing now and a new series “Ride” will air beginning March 26.

Krakow’s last Hallmark movie was “It Was Always You,” which premiered in 2021. She also starred in the “Father Christmas” series of movies, along with “Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen” and “A Summer Romance.”

Penny recently starred in the final season of “Chesapeake Shores.” Hallmark said it canceled the series so they could “wrap up the show on a high note.” Penny was known for his role as Kevin O’Brien in the series. He also starred in Hallmark’s “In Merry Measure” in 2022 and “Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas” and “Beverly Hills Wedding” in 2021.

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