Ryan Paevey Reveals He Was Robbed While Filming a Hallmark Movie

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Ryan Paevey portrays characters in Hallmark movies who have charmed lives. But things get a lot more complicated in real life. When Paevey was filming Hallmark’s A Timeless Christmas in August, he was robbed and thousands of dollars of items were stolen from him.

He Was Robbed While Filming ‘A Timeless Christmas’

A Timeless Christmas was filmed in August 2020 in Canada. Filming locations included the Hycroft Manor, a historic venue in Vancouver, and other nearby locations.

But when Paevey was staying at The Sutton Place Hotels, he was robbed. He shared the news on Twitter when it happened, first writing: “If you’re thinking of staying at the @SuttonPlaceHtl ….do yourself a favor, and don’t. Take my word for it. They’ve lost me for life.”



He later wrote: “Official response came in today “there’s a safe, beyond that we don’t care…here’s some cheap white wine and a new room.”


Some of the items stolen were part of his jewelry collection. He posted while quarantining before the movie that he was working on some jewelry.

He followed up on Twitter in August, writing: “Thousands of dollars worth of personal possessions were stolen from my room….watches, jackets, jewelry I’d made, etc….official response was basically ‘it’s not our problem, here’s some white wine with a napkin around its neck.'”


One person asked: “If our privacy is violated in any way we won’t experience an ounce of empathy? Is that what I’m hearing?” He wrote: “Well…you’ll get some wine and a postcard.”

Paevey Makes His Own Jewelry By Hand

Italia Ricci, who co-starred on Don’t Go Breaking My Heart with Paevey, shared with Parade that he makes jewelry by hand.

Ryan Paevey is a force. The man does EVERYTHING. On top of acting, he makes the most beautiful jewelry BY HAND. My wrap gift from him was this beautiful silver necklace with an aquamarine gemstone charm. He’s so impressive.

Paevey’s business is called Fortunate Wanderer. It began as a photography business and then expanded to include jewelry and other keepsakes.

The website notes: “Now, Fortunate Wanderer has expanded into a number of adventure inspired items.  As a Wanderer, you experience new places, new things, new people. You observe, you capture images, you find unique trappings that remind you of your journey once you’re back home. Fortunate Wanderer has begun to build a brand for other Wanderers of the world, offering everything a wanderer should have for their adventures – inspiration, gear, and trappings that become trimmings.”

Paevey, a former construction worker, told Soaps in Depth that he has to stay busy. He said he only started the business after General Hospital fans wanted the simple beaded bracelets that he made and wore to meet-and-greet events.

He told Soaps in Depth: “I’d missed using tools and working with my hands, and it made me happy to be doing that again. Now, I work at it daily, and the things I make have become increasingly more complex. What started as braiding cord turned into braiding metals and researching stones and metals and how to combine them. I’ve got some crazy pieces sitting on my table now — and I’m pretty stoked about that!”

He sometimes imbues his pieces with extra thought and passion. He shared that he had a beautiful piece of quartz from a trip and he worked on it during a summer eclipse.

“Then, because it was done during the eclipse, I didn’t want to exchange it for money. I needed a better purpose for it,” he explained. After a regular customer told him that her mother had died, he knew the jewelry piece was meant for her.

“I let her know there was a little magic coming her way,” he shared.

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