Hallmark Invites Football Icon Travis Kelce to Star in New Movie

Will Travis Kelce star in a Hallmark movie?

Getty/Hallmark/Heavy Will Travis Kelce star in a Hallmark movie?

Ever since Tyler Hynes and Janel Parrish made a mini-movie for the Kansas City Chiefs, Hallmark fans have wanted more. And after Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce revealed that he watches Hallmark movies, Hallmark extended an invitation for him to collaborate on a new film — and they already have a name for it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Travis Kelce Says He’s a ‘Huge Fan’ of Hallmark

It all started with a podcast episode. Kelce co-hosts a podcast called “New Heights” with his brother, Jason Kelce. On the April 24, 2024, episode, Travis Kelce revealed that he’s a “huge fan” of the network, as first reported by People.

Andrew Santino, a comedian and actor, was a guest in the episode, and their chat took a turn to sharing their thoughts on Hallmark movies and other romance films. Santino said that his wife enjoyed a Hallmark-like movie that Lindsay Lohan had recently starred in. Then he asked if Kelce likes Hallmark movies too.

“You know, I dabble now,” Kelce admitted. “I dabble now. Yeah.”

“Big fan of the cards,” Santino joked, referring to Hallmark cards.

“Huge fan,” Kelce said. “Well, it’s a Kansas City-based company.”

Kelce is dating Taylor Swift, and Swifties were excited when they heard the podcast. They decided that Swift must be playing a role in Kelce watching Hallmark movies.

One fan tweeted, “They really are just sitting at home watching from coms and hallmark movies all day huh?”

Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs recently won another Super Bowl, propelling the football player into even greater football fame.

After Kelce’s Revelation, Hallmark Invited Him to Be in a Movie Called ‘Touchdowns & Tinsel’

After the podcast came out, Hallmark didn’t waste any time. On April 24, the official Hallmark Channel’s X account tweeted: “@tkelce #TouchdownsAndTinsel, let’s make it happen! #Hallmarkies.”

The “Touchdowns and Tinsel” reference isn’t to a real movie, but rather an idea for a fun name for a film if Kelce starred in one. Hynes and Parrish’s mini-movie, made as an advertisement for the Chiefs, was called “Falling for Football.”

In an earlier post, the official account tweeted: “@tkelce Travis Kelce 🤝 Hallmarkies.”

And then added: “Now that’s a team we’d like to be a part of.”

The Hallmark company’s official X account got involved too, writing: “@tkelce We’ve been in KC since 1910. But it’s been WAY more fun since you came to town. 🏈 DM us for @hallmarkchannel movie recos or stop on by. 😉”

As of the time of this article’s publication, Kelce hadn’t responded to the X posts.

On Facebook, Hynes shared one of the many posts that fans made encouraging a collaboration to happen. The post was just shared briefly to his Facebook stories and is gone as of the time of this article’s publication.

Tyler Hynes post

FacebookTyler Hynes post

Hallmark fans loved Hynes and Parrish’s spoof movie for the Chiefs, which is how the whole connection between the Chiefs and Hallmark got started. You can watch the full movie below.

Donna Kelce, Travis Kelce’s mom, shared two Instagram stories about the post. In one story she shared a picture of herself waving at the camera, wearing a nametag that says “Donna,” and wrote “my acting debut 🤣.” And she did appear in the longer version of the film, to Kelce and Hallmark fans’ delight.

If you’re wanting to watch a Hallmark football movie, the network premiered a new one in September. It was called “Fourth Down and Love” and starred Ryan Paevey and Pascale Hutton.

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