Tyler Hynes Thanks Fans for New 30-Day Challenge in His Honor

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Tyler Hynes’ fans have started a 30-day challenge in his honor, and the Hallmark star has already shared on social media how impressed he is with the entries. The fan-run challenge, formally known as the #TylerHynes30DaysActorChallenge, runs from March 5 through April 3, ending just as his new movie “Always Amore” premieres. Fans are sharing their entries on Instagram and Twitter. Read on to learn all about the challenge and how you can participate.

Hynes Turned One of the Entries Into His Instagram Profile Photo

Hynes shared one of the entries on Instagram and turned the portrait into his Instagram profile photo.

Hynes wrote, “To say I love this portrait you drew Patricia would be an understatement. And I know I’ve been quiet but I see the lovely 30 day challenge you started. Love seeing all the fun you guys come up with ⚡️🤍🙏🏻 fascinating seeing your picks 😊. I’m sure folks will have info in the comments 🖤”

Friends and fans joined the post to share how much they loved the photo he shared.

Mandyjac_xo wrote, “The drawing is amazing, she’s so talented!! And it’s such a fun challenge! Hope you’re doing well!”

Stephanie Ann Elizabeth wrote, “She captured the toothpick! 😭😭🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Sandra_chapman56 wrote, “Wow the portrait of you done by Patricia is astonishing!!! She is definitely talented!!! She chose an awesome model to draw!!!! Patricia keep sharing your talent!!!! ❤️🤍❤️🤍”

Llransom replied, “These portrait is amazing and I love this challenge. This group of people really do love you. I am proud to be lucky enough to be included in this group of people who adore you. You are sincerely the best Tyler.”

Shan35 replied, “A 30 Day Tyler Hynes Acting Challenge will be a helluva lot easier than a 30 Day Plank Challenge or Juice Fast so there is that! 😏😁 @tyler_hynes …you are very kind, always. Cheers ladies and gents!”

The March 7 challenge was a favorite quote from a movie. Many fans picked a quote from “Firefly,” so Hynes explained what the movie was about. He wrote, “This is the first narrative film I made many years ago.”

How to Participate in the Challenge

According to photos that he shared along with the portrait, the challenge started on Saturday, March 5, and ends on April 30. To participate, you just have to use the hashtag #TylerHynes30DaysActorChallenge on either Twitter or Instagram, and share a photo or post related to that day’s prompt. (The Hynies_Take_on_Portugal Instagram account emphasized that the correct hashtag has 30Days in the phrase, with an “s,” and not just 30Day.)

The challenge was started by Elena (aka @ahillbythecreek). It serves as a countdown to the release date of his new Hallmark movie, “Always Amore.”

Hynes shared two photos in his Instagram post that reveal what the prompts are for the full 30 days. The photos were originally shared by Elena, who created the challenge.

Here’s a full list of the prompts with their associated dates:

  • March 5: Best acting performance
  • March 6: Favorite movie still
  • March 7: Favorite quote from a movie
  • March 8: Favorite GIF
  • March 9: Favorite photoshoot
  • March 10: Favorite black-and-white photo
  • March 11: Favorite look
  • March 12: Favorite hairstyle
  • March 13: With beard
  • March 14: Shaved
  • March 15: With sunglasses
  • March 16: On a motorcyle
  • March 17: Wearing a suit
  • March 18: Wearing a hat
  • March 19: Drinking coffee
  • March 20: Laughing
  • March 21: Dancing
  • March 22: Favorite interview
  • March 23: On the red carpet
  • March 24: Falling for You (2018)
  • March 25: It’s Christmas, Eve (2018)
  • March 26: Flip That Romance (2019)
  • March 27: The Mistletoe Secret (2019)
  • March 28: My Boyfriend’s Back: Wedding March 5 (2019)
  • March 29: Winter in Vail (2020)
  • March 30: On the 12th Date of Christmas (2020)
  • March 31: It Was Always You (2021)
  • April 1: Sweet Carolina (2021)
  • April 2: Roadhouse Romance (2021)
  • April 3: An Unexpected Christmas (2021)

A great Instagram account to follow if you want to stay up-to-date on each day’s challenge is Hynies_Take_on_Portugal.

Every day, they’re posting their entry into the challenge, along with updates. Here’s their post for March 7, which is Day 3.

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