Tyler Hynes Changed a Line in ‘Always Amore’ to Quietly Honor Friend Who Died

Tyler Hynes

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Tyler Hynes recently opened up to his friends and followers on social media about a subject that was deeply personal to him. He shared that a close friend died while he was working on the Hallmark movie “Always Amore.” To pay his respects to her and her family, he quietly changed a line in the movie to honor her.

He Said Shooting One of the Final Scenes After Her Loss Was ‘Surreal’

On Instagram, Hynes shared a very personal story about the movie. He wrote, “I don’t normally share things of this importance in a forum like this. I prefer to keep those moments with the people it belongs to.”

But, he added, his friend watched his movies, so he felt that it was important for him to share his story with his followers.

“During this film I lost someone that I love dearly,” he wrote. “Someone I’ve known since birth, who’s family I consider my own.”

He said her son is his best friend, and her death was sudden. When he started filming one of the final scenes in the movie, it was shortly after he talked with his friend.

“[It was] a scene that deals with the loss of someone you love,” he wrote. “It was surreal to say the least, but her life and indeed her passing gave me things I won’t discuss here but will follow me forever. For the better.”

He Changed a Line in ‘Always Amore’ to Honor Her & Her Family

Hynes then shared that he changed a line in the movie as a way of showing respect to her and her family.

“For her and her family I changed a line in the film as my quiet way to pay respects and show my love for them,” he wrote.

Then he ended his post by writing: “Kathy this movie is for you. And the family and friends who will be forever touched by your time with us. 🤍🇮🇹🇬🇷 Here’s to finding a way to move on but forever carry the ones we love with us.”

His Followers &  Friends Showered Him With Support After Reading His Post

Hynes’ followers and friends showered him with support in their replies to his Instagram post.

Autumn Reeser, who co-starred in the movie with him, simply replied with a heart. She dedicated the movie to her grandmother, who died shortly before it premiered.

One fan, @neecienee, wrote, “I’m very sorry for your loss. 🙏🏻 for your kindness when I told you about my own. Life can change in a split second. We must cherish the moments we had and then live our own lives to their fullest to honor those we’ve lost.”

Another fan, @tylers_girl68kaystev, wrote, “That’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to do and it changed me forever. You were magnificent and your quiet support of her meant Everything. I love these movies where you just Grow.. Thank you once again for taking this to another level Tyler. The whole cast in this was great and the story poignant.. I’m sorry for your loss too, no wonder it made me cry at the end..😢👏👏👏🎥🎬❤️”

Another fan, @daisyt7123, said she knew his emotions were real when she watched the scene. She wrote, “I felt Elizabeth’s pain watching this movie. We have to pick ourselves up and do our best to make it through another day. This was a wonderful movie of family, friends changes and new beginnings.”

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