‘When Calls the Heart’ Director Teases Season 11 Ending & Show’s Future

WCTH's future

Hallmark/Heavy The future of "When Calls the Heart" is strong.

Brian Bird, executive director and co-creator for “When Calls the Heart,” opened up recently about what to expect in the hit series’ future. He also teased some major events that will happen when season 11 ends.

Fans Should Expect a Major Cliffhanger at the End of Season 11

In an interview with The Christophers Blog, Bird revealed that fans can expect a major cliffhanger when season 11 ends. But in addition to that, they’ll also enjoy seeing some major storylines finally getting a resolution.

“The power of closure on some stories that we’ve set up, even in way earlier seasons, comes to resolution in season 11,” Bird said about the show. “I’m not going to deny that we have another cliffhanger coming…We know that to sustain hunger for the show, we’ve got to leave them wanting more. We’ve got a beautiful, very interesting cliffhanger coming at the end of season 11, but I think closure on some powerful things is important in this season.”

He added later in the interview: There are new beginnings that we’ve even talked about a little bit today, but there’s also some powerful closure.”

One of the new beginnings that fans can expect to see involves Nathan and Elizabeth and their budding romance.

In an interview with Diedre Behar of ET, Erin Krakow (Elizabeth) hinted that the two might even kiss at some point this season.

“I think it would be a real disappointment to our viewers not to have a kiss between Elizzabeth and Nathan in season 11,” Krakow said. “And we really don’t want to disappoint them.”

But things will be touch-and-go between the two.

“They’re really trying to figure out where they stand with each other,” Krakow said. “And they’re sort of tip-toeing around it… It is a very gentle, respectful romance and there’s something very sweet about it… As the season is moving forward, we’re building toward something that is hopefully going to be very loving and passionate and exciting for our viewers.”

Bird Promised Great Storylines for Lucas

In the interview with The Christophers Blog, Bird also addressed fans who were concerned about Lucas’ future on the show now that he and the lead character, Elizabeth, are no longer an item.

“Lucas was built for a bigger stage than a small town,” he said about the characters’ breakup. “He really was. I mean, that character from the very get-go was kind of an international man of mystery. Keep watching season 11 because that returns.”

He promised that Lucas isn’t being demoted as a character, and there’s more in store for him.

In a previous interview with Deidre Behar of ET, Chris McNally (Lucas) said that interesting things will happen for the character, but those won’t include a new romance this season.

“I think it would be too soon and I’m really happy that from a writing standpoint, we haven’t tried to shove that [a new romance] in and … explore it right now…” McNally said. “And in future seasons if there becomes someone else who maybe he’ll be even happier with…that’s great. But the time being, I really enjoyed this current trajectory.”

Lucas will be very busy this season, McNally added.

“He’s really do everything in his power to save Hope Valley from the times that are changing and just the way that things are shifting landscape-wise with the town and the economy…” McNally said about Lucas. “So he’s trying to fight his way up this giant mountain and doing everything in his power to look out for Hope Valley… He’s focused on protecting the future… It’s definitely not an easy period because he’s just getting hammered from all different directions.”

Bird Believes the Series Can Continue for Many Seasons

In the interview with The Christophers Blog, Bird also said that “When Calls the Heart” has enough stories to keep going for many seasons. But what the show has brought to its fans will outlive it.

“The best legacy of ‘When Calls the Heart’ [is it] has fostered friendships all over the world between people who didn’t know each other until they started watching the show, and then the show became a catalyst for them to have a friendship,” he said. “Those friendships are going to outlive the show.”

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