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When Calls the Heart

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Janette Oke, author of the “When Calls the Heart” book series that inspired the hit Hallmark TV series, will be attending a special Hearties VIP weekend for fans June 24-25. Brian Bird, creator and executive producer of the series, will also be attending.

The VIP Weekend Takes Place in Conjunction with the ‘When Calls the Heart’ Musical

The Hearties VIP weekend in Nappanee, Indiana is a special event taking place alongside the “When Calls the Heart” musical, Goshen News reported. Oke will be attending the musical at The Round Barn Theatre on the evening of Friday, June 24. Prior to that, from 4:30 to 5 p.m., she’ll do a book signing at The Barns.

Bird will also be participating in the VIP Weekend, which takes place June 24-25. He’ll be leading a brunch and panel event on Saturday morning.

According to Round Barn Theatre’s website, the Hearties VIP Weekend package includes a musical ticket, a meet-and-greet with the cast, a pre-musical dinner at the FarmTable Restaurant, a backstage tour, a Sunday morning brunch and Q&A panel, chocolate classes, a Hearties lunch, a Hearties Craft Class, a visit to the Artisan Market with themed items available for sale, a tour of Amish Acres, and more.

You can purchase a ticket here.

The Musical Has Returned with a New Song & New Cast

The musical premiered in 2021, but now it has a new cast and a new song, Goshen News reported. Even if you miss the VIP Weekend, you can still see the musical through Saturday, July 2. Tickets range from $15.95 options all the way up to a $69.95 option that includes dinner.

In the video below, which shows cast members from the original musical, Elizabeth and Jack sing about how they take each other’s breath away. If the video doesn’t embed in your browser, you can watch it here.


In the next video below, which also shows cast from the original musical, Elizabeth sings about following her calling. If the embedded video does not appear for you, you can watch it on Facebook here.


According to Round Barn Theatre, the musical’s music and lyrics were created by Christy Stutzman.

The musical’s description reads:

When Calls the Heart The Musical follows Elizabeth Thatcher as she makes her way from her wealthy, childhood home, across the rugged Canadian west to teach in a small, one-room schoolhouse. Elizabeth’s heart for teaching is challenged by various trials from her pupils, her rugged surroundings, and by a handsome Canadian Mountie. But her heart will only expand and grow to find that her calling is as vast as the beautiful Canadian frontier.

The TV series upon which the musical is based has moved beyond the Jack and Elizabeth storyline, after Jack was killed in the line of duty. Now Elizabeth has moved on with businessman Lucas while raising Little Jack. She and Lucas just got engaged at the end of season 9. The series has just been renewed for season 10, but a new showrunner is stepping in after John Tinker led the show for two seasons.

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