New ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 11 Trailer in Canada Teases Nathan Romance

Nathan and Elizabeth share a moment in the new trailer.

Hallmark/Super Channel Nathan and Elizabeth share a moment in the new trailer.

A surprise trailer for “When Calls the Heart” season 11 has just been released in Canada. The short promo video is already sparking a debate among viewers, particularly “Team Nathan” and “Team Lucas” fans.

Season 11 premieres on April 7.

The Trailer Shows Nathan & Elizabeth Sharing a Special Moment

The first season 11 trailer was released by Super Channel, so it hasn’t aired on the Hallmark Channel network in the U.S. yet, as of the time of this article’s publication. Super Channel is a network that airs “When Calls the Heart” and many other Hallmark productions in Canada.

Fans have been sharing the trailer online, including in this Instagram post below by Suspenders Unbuttoned.

The new trailer has a heavy focus on Elizabeth and Nathan. It begins by showing Elizabeth’s new shorter haircut, which is also in the first promotional poster. She’s seen turning to face the camera, while we can see Lucas talking in the background. Perhaps this means the tension between them after their breakup is gone?

Later in the promo, the narrator says “Unlock the Romance,” and we’re shown a scene with Nathan and Elizabeth talking. Nathan says, “That’d be great,” and Elizabeth nods, smiling, and replies, “Great.”

Of course, Nathan and Elizabeth aren’t the only characters shown in the preview. We see Faith saying “it sounds exciting” after the narrator says, “Unlock the Hope.” We see Nathan hugging Allie, and Mike talking with Mei, Millie, Rosemary and Bill, Rosemary and Lee, and more.

But fans will no doubt be focusing on the Nathan and Elizabeth moment shown in the trailer. Under Suspenders Unbuttoned’s post, fans were wondering if the scene is indicating that Nathan and Elizabeth will go on a date in season 11. One viewer wrote, “and it looks like Elizabeth may be the one to ask? Dare we hope for that????”

Another viewer wrote, “After watching those smiles between E&N🔥🔥🔥, somebody is going to still say that they don’t see any chemistry… This makes my heart SO HAPPY as E doesn’t look like a deer in headlights and SHE may have been the one to invite N out🙌🙌🙌‼️ Let’s go Season 11💯💯💯‼️‼️‼️”

Some Team Lucas fans are unhappy with this new development. Many viewers are still heartbroken over the broken engagement that happened at the end of season 10. When a season 11 promotional poster was leaked showing Elizabeth with Nathan, some Lucas viewers were upset about the development.

In a public “When Calls the Heart” Facebook group for fans, a Team Lucas fan wrote: “Won’t watch, don’t like that Elizabeth and Lucas broke up. Show is no good anymore.”

A Small Sneak Peek Was Shown on Hallmark’s ‘Spring Into Love’ Promo

While this is the first trailer released for the season 11, a small sneak peek was seen in Hallmark’s “Spring into Love” promo that first aired in late February.

This teaser also focused on Nathan and Elizabeth. It shows Elizabeth, with longer hair, out in her yard with Little Jack, and she stands up when she sees Nathan riding past.

Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, has said that she’s excited about the change on the show.

Krakow spoke with ET Online and was asked if there was hope for a Nathan and Elizabeth romance.

“Yes,” Krakow said. “I guess I’ll just say yes. I mean it never hurts to have hope. Though I’m sensitive for any of our viewers who may have just watched all of this go down. I know it’s very fresh for them. And for that reason, I’d just like to say that we take our time with any of this… We are intentionally being as respectful as we can. But it’s really important that Elizabeth have love in her life and we’re on that journey.”

Showrunner Lindsay Sturman, in an interview with “The Edify After Show,” said that Lucas and Elizabeth’s stories naturally diverged, even though the writers and producers hadn’t originally planned for their breakup.

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