Fans Lusting After Ben Napier in Latest Instagram Post

Ben Napier

HGTV Ben Napier.

Ben Napier left fans thirsting after sharing a “sneak peak” of his new office on Instagram. The HGTV star and his wife Erin recently renovated their own country home in a December 2022 episode of “Home Town.”

“This room was absolutely perfect the way it was built 100 years ago,” the 39-year-old wrote. “I told @erinapier I wanted a leather sofa and a desk for writing notes and drawing furniture. She tracked everything down for my ‘analog room.’”

In a carousel of photos, he showcased his finds which included “some really cool artwork,” a Duke Men’s Basketball jersey and a “churchwarden pipe.”

He added, “My typewriter, my record player and vinyls, my books, and the fireplace make this room a perfect place to unplug.”

But it was his gam-showing custom kilt that really garnered the attention of his followers.

As he wrote, “Oh, and my mom FINALLY made me a kilt. I think it pairs nicely with my @lucchese boots.”

Property Brothers” star Drew Scott was a fan of the outfit choice.

“My dad is a Scottish cowboy,” he wrote. “So kilt and boots are a fit.”

Fans Flooded Ben Napier’s Post With Thirsty Comments

But some of Ben’s fans were quick to take their comments in a thirstier direction, leaving lustful comments and kilt-related quips.

“‘Sneak peak’…I see what you did there,” wrote one follower. Another added, “That’s a lot more thigh than I was expecting on ig today.”

Fans joked about getting an eyeful on a Sunday morning and needing a full calendar of photos.

Playing upon the old rhyme, one person commented, “I see London. I see France. I see Ben’s …….. Ooooppssss.”

Ben took a tongue-in-cheek approach to his responses.

He wrote, “ahem, eyes up, ladies” to one chain of comments and responded to someone else with “eat your heart out.”

Ben previously spoke to People about wearing his kilt on “Home Town,” telling the publication, “I’m hoping that that kilt gets me back in the top 50 sexiest men alive.”

Ben & Erin Napier Renovated their ‘Weekend Getaway’

Ben and Erin previously spoke with Heavy about renovating their second home on television.

“We bought a farm … way out in the country that is going to be kind of a weekend getaway for us,” Ben explained. “We call it a vacation house because we never leave Laurel, and so it’s our, this is our vacation house.”

Erin added, “This is the only way we’re going to get to take vacations for a while.”

But they added that the place is their “favorite.”

The Napiers previously told People that they have no plans to move out of their current “dream house,” where they live with their daughters Helen and Mae. The couple made a name for themselves renovating homes in their community of Laurel, Mississippi on HGTV’s “Home Town.”

The show’s success has spurred spinoffs, such as “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop” and “Home Town Kickstart.” They are also teaming up with Jenny and Dave Marrs for season 2 of “Home Town Takeover.”

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