Chip & Joanna Gaines Share ‘Never-Before-Seen’ Casting Tape From 2012

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Getty Chip and Joanna Gaines at SiriusXM Studios.

To celebrate the television launch of their Magnolia Network, Chip and Joanna Gaines are giving fans a look into the casting tape that started it all.

“Hi, we are Chip and Joanna Gaines and we own a company in Waco, Texas called Magnolia Homes,” Chip opens the video from 2012. As its description states, it was “never-before-seen until now.”

Throughout the clip, which lasts less than three minutes, the couple walks through the process of flipping a home and Joanna shares a look at her signature style.

Known for their banter and his goofy nature, the 47-year-old jokingly says to his wife, “Do you think our on-camera chemistry is coming out?”

Clearly, their chemistry did shine through. Chip and Joanna went on to star on “Fixer Upper” from 2013 through 2018, spurring home decor lines, books, publications and a shopping complex known as the Silos. They are also starring in a new series, “Fixer Upper Welcome Home.”

The series’ catalog is available through their new network, which launched digitally in July 2021. It is now making its linear premiere, taking over the DIY network.

The Magnolia Network Boasts 26 Original Shows

The Magnolia Network boasts 26 original shows, according to the couple’s January 5, 2022 appearance on “Good Morning America.”

Joanna called it her “favorite part of the process” cultivating the channel’s lineup.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed with all of our storytellers is their vulnerability,” the 43-year-old told Lara Spencer. “They’re putting themselves out there. they’re saying, ‘Hey, we love what we do, we don’t know if we’re good for TV.’ That’s not really the point. It’s like, we want to watch people do the work that they were called to do. When you do that, you leave completely inspired.”

The Magnolia Network Was Originally Intended to Launch in October 2020

As they admitted, Magnolia Network was originally intended to launch in October 2020. But like many things, the coronavirus pandemic impeded their plans.

“I think looking back we couldn’t have planned it any better,” Joanna said on “Good Morning America.” “I think even that it’s January, it’s the New Year, just the, I think the message of hope and inspiration, these storytellers and the stories that they’re telling. I mean, I just think the world’s ready for that kind of beauty to be seen.”

Her husband added, “Seems like we need this content at such a time as this. You know, it’s just like a new year, I think people are feeling optimistic about this new year.”

“Our original plan was to launch in cable and follow in a streaming environment, but the most unconventional of years dealt us challenges and opportunities we never could have foreseen. We flipped that plan on its head—and in doing so had the exciting opportunity to share a robust preview of Magnolia Network with an audience we’ve been so eager to share our work with,” Magnolia Network President Allison Page said in a February 2021 press release. “And while the timing of our plan has changed, our consistent and steady mission from day one remains the same: to create unique, compelling, and inspiring content that reflects and embodies the Magnolia brand consumers know and love.”

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