Erin Napier Warns Fans She & Ben Might ‘Disappear’ During ‘Home Town’ Watch-Along

Ben and Erin Napier

Heavy/HGTV/YouTube Ben and Erin Napier

One of the perks of landing your own HGTV show is getting to watch the episodes as they air and see the fan reaction. “Home Town” stars Ben and Erin Napier know this well, as they take to Twitter most weeks with the hashtag #HGTVHomeTown, but sometimes life gets in the way of a live watch-along.

“we are here watching with y’all, but our big girl is under the weather so we could disappear at any time 😄 #HGTVHomeTown,” Erin wrote in an April 14 tweet during the airing of a new episode of her show, called “Some Like it Hot”.

Erin and Ben are parents to two daughters, Helen, 6, and Mae, 2.

Erin Napier Was Worried About the Heat

Erin only shared one other tweet during her live watch of the latest “Home Town” episode, where she wrote, “we were so embarrassed by our weather the week they came to town. this was a hard sell for northerners. #HGTVHomeTown.”

Erin previously opened up about how the latest episode was filmed during “the absolute most brutal heat wave I can remember in my lifetime. It was just so hot. So. HOT,” in an April 13 Instagram post. As confirmed in the episode, which is now streaming on Max, the couple confirmed that for two straight weeks the daily high temperature did not drop below 100 degrees Farenheit.

In her post, Erin included a photo of Ben taken around the time of filming. Ben is pictured cooling off in front of a sprinkler, however the water is obscuring his khaki shorts, giving the appearance that he has no clothes on. “At first Thought Ben was enjoying the natural look!!!!!” one fan commented before Erin clarified that her husband was not naked in response.

During the episode, the Napiers worked hard to convince their clients, couple Tena and Bob from New Jersey, that Laurel, Mississippi only reached peak heats for a few short weeks per year. The couple ended up purchasing one of two homes the Napiers showed them, however the renovations began befote the power could be turned on, leaving the Napiers to begin their renovation work in 105 degree weather and no air conditioning.

In the end it was was all worth it, as the homeowners were blown away by Ben and Erin’s finished renovation (Erin noted along the way that Ben’s custom kitchen island may be her favorite thing he’s ever built). Not only that, the temperature had finally dropped to a high of 77 by the time Tena and Bob returned to see their finished home.

Fans Reacted to Hearing Helen Was Under the Weather

Fans on Twitter were sympathetic with Erin and Ben’s potential disappearance during the watch-along, with many sharing get-well-soon messages for Helen.

“Praying she feels better! We enjoyed meeting Ben and getting a tour of his workshop last September. Sorry we didn’t get to meet you!” one user wrote.

“Hope she gets better soon. Also not passed around. Loved the outfits in tonight’s episode. Never would have guessed it was over 100,” another fan added.

“Sending prayers & enjoying the show! God bless you all! Thanks for all the fun, laughter & design ideas 💕,” a third fan shared.

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