Which New Kids On The Block Member Joins Jonathan Knight on ‘Farmhouse Fixer’ Season 2?

Jonathan Knight

HGTV Jonathan Knight stars in HGTV’s “Farmhouse Fixer.”

Jonathan Knight welcomes one of his New Kids On The Block bandmates in the season 2 premiere of “Farmhouse Fixer.”

Knight is helping Jeff and Megan Kuprycz who “recently purchased a 1798 farmhouse in New Hampshire,” according to a press release. After welcoming their first child, the couple is relocating from Santa Monica, California to be closer to family.

HGTVIn a clip of the episode, Donnie Wahlberg crashes their initial meeting.

“I just want to say I’ve asked him to do my house for 20 years now and he won’t do it,” he tells the couple. “And you just get yours done because of that beautiful baby.”

Holding up her infant, Megan responds, “You would do a house for him.” The “Blue Bloods” actor replies, “I would do anything for that beautiful bambino.”

Rising to fame in the 1980s, Knight turned to house flipping when NKOTB decided to take a break. “Farmhouse Fixer” debuted in March 2021. It follows Knight and designer Kristina Crestin as they bring new life to New England farmhouses.

“Donnie, I would love to do a house for you someday,” Knight explains in the clip. “The only catch is you have to buy a farmhouse.”

Knight Says NKOTB Bandmates Have ‘Really Good Taste’

New Kids On The Block

GettyNew Kids On The Block perform during the 2021 American Music Awards.

While Wahlberg may want some designer help, according to Knight, he does not need it. The “Farmhouse Fixer” star spoke with Heavy ahead of the second season, explaining his fellow New Kids have “really good taste.”

The band’s other members are Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood and Knight’s brother Jordan.
“I went to Joe’s house in L.A., his brand new house, and it’s just turning out amazing,” the 53-year-old told Heavy. “But I love the fact that we, while we’re on tour, you know, Donnie will tell me, ‘I just redid the basement.’ Show me pictures. … I think that it’s nice to have the love of home throughout all the New Kids like everybody really appreciates their house.”

Blockheads ‘Love’ Watching Knight in ‘Different Element’

Blockheads, as the band’s fans are known, have shared their “love” for “Farmhouse Fixer.”

“I think I’m known as the quiet New Kid,” he explained to Heavy. Adding, “This year on tour, a lot of people were, like, so happy. They’re like, ‘It’s so great to see you in a different element. And, you know, hear you talking and see you interact with clients.’”

Knight has also shared his renovation and restoration efforts for years on Instagram. As he told heavy, it has “been really fun, you know, just being able to share my passion with other people.”

‘Farmhouse Fixer’ Season 2 Features Some Famous Faces

Wahlberg is not the only famous face appearing this season on “Farmhouse Fixer.”

The new season will feature a star-studded lineup of HGTV guest stars, including Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis of “Unsellable Houses;” Jenny Marrs of “Fixer to Fabulous” and Mike Lemieux of “Houses with History.”

Knight and Crestin will also use their expertise to help “The Little Couple” stars Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein find a New England farmhouse.

“They’re just a hoot, both of them,” Knight said of working with the TLC stars. He added, “Just working with them and learning the differences of, you know, their housing needs compared to, you know, average height people was really an eye opener.”

As he explained to Heavy, “You go into things not thinking like if they buy a house, they now have to rip everything out and start over. And then when they sell the house, they have to rip everything out and put it back to average height. So that was a lot of fun working with them and just learning about the challenges that, you know, little people have when it comes to renovating.”

Season 2 of “Farmhouse Fixer” premieres Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on HGTV. The episode will also be available to stream on discovery+.

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