HGTV Host Leaks Update on Show’s Future

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With season 3 of “Ugliest House in America” already in the books, thanks to HGTV‘s unique strategy of airing the entire six-episode season during the first week of January 2023, many fans are wondering if the network will renew the show for a fourth season. HGTV has not formally announced plans for the popular series, but its host — comedian and actress Retta — seemed to confirm in a recent Instagram video that a new season is, indeed, in the works while also answering fans’ inquiries about where she gets the bold, colorful outfits she wears on the show.

Retta Leaks News That ‘Ugliest House in America’ Will Have a Fourth Season

Retta and Alison Victoria

HGTV/YouTubeRetta and Alison Victoria talk to a homeowner on “Ugliest House in America”

“Ugliest House in America” was an instant hit when it premiered in early 2022. Retta’s funny and fascinating tours of nightmare houses across the U.S., plus the transformation of each season’s winning home by “Windy City Rehab” host Alison Victoria, have made the show a ratings winner, landing it on HGTV’s list of its top 10 programs in 2022.

After its initial run in January 2022, a second season of the show aired last summer, and a third season aired six evenings in a row during the first week of 2023. While HGTV announced the show’s stellar ratings after both of the first two seasons, it hasn’t announced viewership numbers for season 3, leading some to wonder if the series had run its course.

In addition, “Ugliest House in America” requires Retta to hit the road to visit each oddly designed house featured on the show. Since she signed an exclusive development deal with NBCU in 2022 and recently celebrated the news that they’ve greenlit the pilot for a murder mystery series she’ll star in, it’s been unclear if she’d have time to continue filming with HGTV.

But during a video she posted to her Instagram Stories on January 17 to celebrate the news about the pilot, she also let it slip that there will be another season of “Ugliest House in America.” As she prepared her morning coffee, she said that “some stress has been lifted” because she hadn’t had a starring role in a TV comedy or drama in a while, and then added that she had been working on some other projects.

“I got a couple of movies coming out; they’re not my movies, I’m just in them,” she said to the camera. “And, you know, we’ve got a new season of ‘Ugliest House’ coming.”

Retta Explains Where She Gets Outfits Seen on ‘Ugliest House in America’


HGTV/YouTubeRetta in one of her custom designs on “Ugliest House in America”

While the houses on “Ugliest House in America” may be atrocious, Retta’s fashions in the series are just the opposite, loved by many viewers who’ve asked the actress where they can find the bold, colorful designs she wears.

“You know, a lot of people have been asking me about the clothes that I wear…where they can get the clothes,” she said during her Instagram video.

Retta continued, “The clothes are 50 percent made for me and the other 50 percent is stuff we bought and altered. So, none of it is available in the form that I wore it. And by altered, I don’t mean just like taking it in at the waist.”

She further explained, “Like, the patchwork dress that I wore with the pink and orange, with the black stitching? That dress was a body contrast and then we made it an A-line. It felt like a ‘body con’ didn’t really work for ‘Ugliest House.’ And I prefer an A-line. There’s stuff that (was) sleeveless and we made it cape-y or put sleeves on it. So…you can’t get it. You can’t buy it.”

But Retta did then allude to having “some things on the horizon” before cutting herself off, possibly hinting at a possible fashion project in the future.

In 2021, Retta told Yahoo she loves bright colors and she has to feel good in whatever she wears.

“If you feel good in something, you’ll look good in it,” she said. “If I like the look of it and I put it on and I think it looks good, I’m wearing it. I don’t wear tight clothes just because I don’t feel comfortable in it — but then again, sometimes I’ll wear the tight pants with this big sweater or I’ll wear something that’ll accentuate the boobs. I never used to do that before. It was all hiding everything. I think the look of the outfit comes from how you feel about it.”

But the actress and HGTV host doesn’t keep everything she buys; she has her own online Poshmark store where she resells clothing and shoes that are in good condition, including some of her favorite Rachel Antonoff plus-size jumpsuits.

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